Getting Cozy With: Callum Pickard & The Third Look

Callum Pickard
Hey, we are Callum Pickard & The Third Look and we wish everyone at A Music Blog, Yea? a wonderful new year! Our band consists of (me) Callum Pickard (vocals, guitar & keys), Daniel Murtagh (guitar), Matthew Wishart (bass & synth), and Chris Lings (drums & percussion). We are a close group of friends who like to push our creativity when writing new music.

With a warm layering of rhythm and lead guitars, dynamic drum patterns, quaint arrangements we like to think our songs are interesting and diverse which we hope you will see come through in the tunes that we make. We are heavily influenced by songwriters such as Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Kurt Vile (and the Violaters), Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and Connan Mockasin. Since we formed in early 2014, we have been very fortunate, playing alongside Steve Gunn (Paradise of Bachelors records), Quilt (Mexican Summer records), Boog Arins (Other Music Recording Company), and many other great bands, who have further influenced us and have inspired us in many ways.

A few months after we were assembled; I (Callum) released my debut EP, entitled “Blueprint”, which you can find the title track on the SoundCloud link! Following this, I formed a band of good friends and we rehearsed, wrote and naturally began to push ourselves further and form a new collection of songs, which you will hear at our shows and in our further releases. Our latest single “Lonely Boy and Girl” is something we are very proud of and we hope that you love it. Let us know what you think.

Lots of love,
Callum Pickard & The Third Look x


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