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The Yetis
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We’re The Yetis from the sometimes-snowy city of Allentown, Pennsylvania! Our youngest member, Patrick, is 16 years old and plays the drums, Stefan and Nick are both 20 and they play bass and rhythm guitars respectively and Christian, who is 22, plays lead guitar. We started out as a high school cover band playing songs by Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, but we weren’t that good. When we really started to write songs we sort of found our own style which was sort of laid-back and dreamy with straightforward lyrics, structures and melodies. We had a bit of a psychedelic phase and that’s when kids in school started to like us more. By the time Stefan and Patrick joined we had sort of naturally moved past the psychedelic phase and just really wanted to get back to basics and write really simple pop songs.

Patrick is the only surfer in the band! The reason we have such surfy songs is that we were practicing in a garage in the dead of winter for our first show in New York City, warming our hands in front of a kerosene heater just so we could play guitar and when we started to write “Little Surfer Girl” we just naturally started to sing about being somewhere warm with a girl. Sometimes the songs we write are about surfing, summer, and the beach but generally they’re not.

We just finished a music video that we filmed in two locations and in two seasons — Surf City, New Jersey last summer and at home this winter. We’re going to release an EP of three brand-new songs in March and we hope to do some more videos and live sessions. Already there are some really exciting “maybes” that we don’t want to reveal quite yet! After the EP is released, we are going to tour as much as we can and write and record the best songs we possibly can. We love Canada, Montreal is one of our favorite cities and we love poutine!

The Yetis


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