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The Davenports
Greetings you snazzy AMBY community. I’m Scott. My fellow Davenports and i make pop music–some call it power pop because it uses loud guitars sometimes and strings sometimes and is a lot about melody and harmony. I’ll take it! I must still be going through my ELO phase. It’s been decades. I would see a priest about it if I were Christian.

I wrote “Five Steps,” the theme song to A&E’s Emmy-nominated Intervention, licensed a lot of other songs to TV and have put out a bunch of records that some people seem to enjoy:  “Brooklyn’s Scott Klass makes music that’s steeped in pop/rock—Weezer meets Ben Folds…leading you to sing along to songs you’re hearing for the first time while stories unfold of relationships gone awry…” (The Deli). I’ll take that too.

Really great musicians wrestle this bear called music making with me–most importantly these days,  Erik Philbrook, Rob Draghi, Cheri Leone, Claudia Chopek and Garo Yellin. Sometimes I support others like Chris Collingwood from Fountains of Wayne.

We’ve got a new single which came out on 1/20 and a video goes with it — our first MTV-staged-style music video. Like with a theme. Generally, the song–“Don’t Be Mad at Me”–is about salad days to sad days, youth to old age, power to weakness, forefront to backdrop. “Betty” is an old great aunt who was once almost like a matriarch of the family–strong, with style, a leader, who drove a huge old Caddy. The narrator is a younger relative who has to take away the keys to the Caddy because Betty has grown old and demented. Smiles, everyone, smiles!


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