Concert Review + Photos: Kaiser Chiefs @ First Direct Arena – Leeds

Kaiser Chiefs
I once saw the Kaiser Chiefs play to an audience of around thirteen at the lost and lamented The Well in Leeds: the audiences have got larger but essentially the Kaisers remain just as they were then — full of energy and with a bunch of memorable tunes.

They became the first to play Leeds Arena twice and in a way they tuned their performance as if they were playing to that very small crowd at The Well. This is not in the least bit a criticism of them. Indeed it is why they are successful and able to sell out their homecoming date.

The five piece, led of course by Ricky Wilson, responded to the warmth and admiration of the full house by providing an enthusiastic and boisterous set with Wilson’s enjoyment clearly enhanced by a Leeds United victory over Millwall. The Factory Gates from the new record Education, Education, Education and War set the pace that was not only maintained but increased by a couple of old hits. Everyday I Love You Less and Less and Everything Is Average Nowadays. All of the songs possess spirit, a mite overloaded perhaps in The Angry Mob but that was a neat piece of contrast before the mood turned into a celebration. Chosen by the band according to the set list, Modern Way, Never Miss A Beat, Ruby, and I Predict A Riot were greeted with a raucous rapture good enough to celebrate the winning of a world cup! Coming Home, a most appropriate choice, closed the set before the encore of the new single Falling Awake and the fan favourite Oh My God ended the evening as a full victory for the Kaisers.

Resembling one of Ricky Wilson’s athletic springs, Kaiser Chiefs heaved a sigh of relief to once again fabulously send home an ecstatic home crowd with more memories.


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Photos by Stuart Glossop | | Facebook

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