Concert Review: Kongos, Sir Sly, and Colony House @ The Danforth Music Hall – Toronto

3 great rock bands in one night.

I was already a fan of Colony House and getting to see them live for the first time was an amazing experience — they definitely exceeded my expectations. They started the night off rocking out with “Keep On Keeping On” and continued their set playing all of my favourite songs which were all crowd pleasers. But when they played “Waiting for My Time to Come”, I lost it. That song is beautiful on the album and hearing them play it live overwhelmed me with a great feeling (I’m pretty sure it gave me heart palpitations). Every song they performed was remarkable and I’m pretty sure they won over the people who may have not heard of them before. After their set was done, I was talking to the security guard up near the front of the stage and he enjoyed them as well, even mentioning a prediction that they were going to make it “big”. Kongos definitely chose the right band to open the night for them.

After missing Sir Sly’s past shows in Toronto, I couldn’t miss another chance to see them live. They definitely brought the darker but danceable feel to the show. The band got the crowd moving by opening up with “Inferno”. Landon, the lead singer, had quite the amount of energy as he moved around the stage. Hayden was killing it on the drums and I’m surprised he didn’t smash open his snare, though Landon did knock over a part of his drum set when they were rocking out during their set. During the show, I overheard a very pleased audience member behind me and said “That dude (referring to Jason Suwito, keyboard) is so talented! He can play the bass, keyboard and drums. Is there anything he can’t do?” With so many great songs on their “You Haunt Me” album, it was unfortunate to not hear all of their songs played live with their limited time on stage. When Sir Sly played “Nowhere”, I pretty sure everyone’s jaw dropped. All the band members were rocking out during that performance and playing their instruments like their life depended on it. It was a really cool experience to have seen. They closed their set with “Gold” and it was sad to see them go, but their time on stage sure was golden.

The night was only getting started and it was time for Kongos to rock out with Toronto. They opened with “Hey I Don’t Know” and the crowd went wild; everyone was jumping and singing along. It was a guys night out as I watched the men in the crowd rocking out along with the band. It was nice to see all four band members up in the front and next to each other to show off their talent. They were definitely having fun jamming up on stage and they even brought their stage manager up to rap and the crowd definitely didn’t mind. As much of a rock band Kongos are, they didn’t forget about their slower songs and played “Travelling On” and “Escape”, and it was great to hear it live. This might sound like a generic saying in a concert review, but Kongos is a really talented and unique band. They have such a diverse range of music style yet it doesn’t feel weird seeing when they play it. The best thing about the show was that they delivered their recorded songs perfectly live. It was also really fun when Kongos brought out a smoke ring machine when they played “I’m Only Joking”. The audience was singing along, rocking out and trying to catch the smoke rings. Everyone was having a blast. After seeing Kongos live, you can’t help but think “Damn, these guys are really cool”. They put on a great show and you should definitely check them out while they’re still on the “Lunatic Tour”. And the bonus is that you’ll get to catch 3 great rock bands in one night.

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Review by Tiffany Lee (@t4nee)

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