Concert Review + Photos: Slow Club @ The Wardrobe – Leeds

Slow Club
You’ve just got to love Slow Club: you see them and you can’t help but steep yourself in adoration for Rebecca and Charles simply because they are not your average pop stars! They are your next door neighbours, your next door neighbours grandson or granddaughter. Your next door……. you get the drift.

In short they possess a human side very rarely seen nowadays. Things go wrong when you are human, as many of Rebecca’s songs about ex-boyfriends tell us, but it is these little things that make them so endearing and near on perfect a pop duo you could wish to hear. Do not, however, let these quirky moments detract from the fact that they made a damn near perfect record in Complete Surrender.

At a packed Wardrobe in Leeds, it wasn’t perfect in the sense that Rebecca and Charles fluffed their intros a couple of times. It didn’t matter because it still broke your heart to know that Rebecca had been scarred by past boyfriends. Indeed, the fragility on some of these songs vocally simply wanted to make you wrap her up and tell her it was her who was laughing now. Because there was much laughter during the night. Though it might have been a bit harsh that we laughed at Charles and his injured back.

Those who’ve seen Slow Club live will know that Rebecca can belt out a tune. This chanteuse pretext may be quelled with self-deprecating wisecracks on stage, but she performs with the rawness of anguish. This new ambition is crucial for a once-impulsive band, and is reflected in their deportation of the quaint in favour of verbose Motown soul. Dependable People and Things That I’m Sure Of lament lost love (“I can run further than I could before, I can laugh louder, I can dance until I’m sore!”), and for every bit of false glamour (Suffering Me, Suffering You) there’s something extraordinarily beautiful – such as Everything Is New, the most supreme song Slow Club have ever carved from their past experiences. They go from strength to strength and in all the seriousness we all come along for the laugh.


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Photos and Review by Stuart Glossop | | Facebook

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