Exclusive Video Premiere: The Chemistry Experiment – “Leo and The Magician”

The Chemistry Experiment
Awakening from “a melancholy death after 10 years”, Nottingham quintet The Chemistry Experiment are back with their epic sophomore record Gongs Played By Voice. With a prog/pop inspired sound, the band channel an infectious psychedelic vibe with gritty vocals and a whimsical chorus in their new single Leo and The Magician.

When asked about the single, songwriter Steven J. Kirk states Leo and The Magician is about;

“a scarecrow who runs away from his farm, leaving the farmer (Leo) without a way to protect his crops from the birds. Luckily Leo’s friend Magician comes along, and although he can’t help him with the scarecrow due to union rules, he turns Leo into a cat to scare away the birds, and that is why birds to this day are scared of cats. The scarecrow also abducts Leo’s wife but I didn’t want to go into that in the song.”

Today, we’re pleased to share the new video for the single with our readers. Watch Leo and The Magician exclusively on A Music Blog, Yea? below, and purchase Gongs Played By Voice via Fortuna POP! here.

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