Getting Cozy With: Bo and the Locomotive

Bo and the Locomotive
Photo by Abby Gillardi

Bo and the Locomotive started as a bedroom recording project by me (Bo. Hey everyone.) I never intended for it to be a full-fledged touring rock band, but now it is, and I am incredibly proud of it. I played in other bands for a few years while writing my own tunes on my own time. When one of those bands broke up just before our summer tour, I decided not to cancel the shows we had booked and instead just go play them using my own songs. My friend Steve who I had played music with for years came along to play drums (he had never drummed), and people seemed to really like it and we got invited back to play everywhere we went on that tour. 4 years and 2 albums later, there are now 5 of us in the band and we still try to make it back regularly to those same places we played on that very first tour.

But the story of our past has been told many times in our interviews so let’s talk about this: Steve hates onions but is coming around on them very, very slowly. Jordan hates lettuce. LETTUCE! James loves tacos (more than Steve, which if you know them is pretty unbelievable, but also highly debatable). Andy thinks Steve and Jordan are idiots for their respective food tastes. And I tend to gravitate towards a good sandwich, with extra onions STEVE. However, I will say the best burrito I’ve ever had was surprisingly at a venue called The Comet in Cincinnati, jesus christ it was so good. Our band’s favorite burger I’d say is from Booches in Columbia, MO, gotta get a Booch no matter what when we play there.

Other than food, we released our “sophomore” (aka 2nd, you guys) record less than a month ago. It’s called ‘It’s All Down Here From Here,’ it’s our best work yet. The vinyls are fucking gorgeous because they were designed by Daniel Murphy, who did almost every record cover for Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar/Dead Oceans for like 7 years. We recorded the album over the course of 2 years at Native Sound studios in St. Louis, MO, USA, where we live. We are proud to call St. Louis home.


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