Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Colour of Spring

Colour Of Spring
Colour of Spring
are yet another exciting new band hailing from Leeds, U.K alongside the glut of great acts contributing to the thriving scene over there at the moment. We caught up with their frontman Shane to get an insight into what the band are about and where they’re heading in the follow up to their excellent double-A side single Honey/Skin.

AMBY: Hi guys, how are you doing? Where do we find you today?

Shane: We’re well, we’re just having a few drinks before going out to see Viet Cong at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds; their new record is seriously good. We’ve heard good things about them live, too.

AMBY: You’ve just recently released your double A side single Honey/Skin, which was produced by Hookworms MJ. How was it working with him and what’s the reaction been like?

Shane: MJ was good to work with; he really helped us focus on ideas and understood what we wanted to do sonically. Because our last single was so different we wanted to make sure the new single was the benchmark to work from going forward.

AMBY: You can definitely hear an element of shoegaze and some of MJ’s work in the tracks – who would you say you draw most inspiration from?

Shane: We take it from all sorts of places, there are bands we collectively love, and then we all bring our own elements to the table too. It’s hard to describe your own band so we’ll leave it up to others to decide what we sound like.

AMBY: I think it’s fair to say that you’re a fairly new band to our readers; could you tell us a little about how you got together?

Shane: Robin and I met on a dating website and immediately fell in love; we use the band as a cover for our sordid affair. Bryce was cryogenically frozen from 1000’s of years ago, I think he was an Earl or a Duke or something in a previous life, Robin swapped him at a record fair for a Warsaw bootleg demo cassette. We found Tom actually inside an episode of The Mighty Boosh, he flew out of the T.V. on a magic carpet and the rest is history.

AMBY: There’s some very interesting things explored lyrically in both Honey and Skin, what would you say influences your style?

Shane: I’m particularly influenced by the lyrics of Joanna Newsom, Jeff Mangum and Nick Drake. The lyrics are born from the conception of the song and are usually synonymous with the “feel” of the track. A lot of the time when we jam, I’ll just sing anything over the top till I find words and phrases that I like. I often find my subconscious writes better lyrics than my conscious mind ever could.

AMBY: And how are the songs formed? Is there a particular process?

Shane: People bring ideas into the mix and we jam them out. I’ll sometimes start with a riff or just two chords and we see where it goes. Sometimes we can jam on two chords for hours and it not really go anywhere, sometimes it can come together really quickly. There’s no process really, we play, songs happen.

AMBY: What have they got planned for the next few months?

Shane: Just gigging as much as we can and playing to as many new faces as possible, gigs gigs gigs! We have a few shows coming up in York at Basement, in London at the Old Blue Last and Live at Leeds amongst others.

AMBY: People might not know, but Colour of Spring is a recent name change – what made you settle with the name?

Shane: Mark Hollis came to Robin in a dream and told him to change the name of the band or he would destroy the world as we knew it. You really don’t want to try and double bluff a guy when he’s making those kinds of threats so we thought it was best to change the name and keep the peace.

AMBY: Finally, what would you say the ethos is for Colour Of Spring? What makes the band want to do what you do?

Shane: We write songs that we would want to hear, plain and simple.

AMBY: Cheers guys!


Thank you Colour of Spring, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Matthew Pease-Bower | @OPLband

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