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“I don’t want to define my identity to what other people’s opinions are of me.” — Sydney Sierota of Echosmith

Touring in support of their debut record Talking Dreams, indie-pop sibling quartet Echosmith will play to Toronto’s cool kids tonight at The Mod Club. Ahead of the show, A Music Blog, Yea? gave Echosmith frontwoman Sydney Sierota a call to discuss confidence, flirtatious fans, being siblings, meeting Katy Perry, and their infectious single Cool Kids. Dive into the interview below:

AMBY: Hey Sydney! How are you doing?

Echosmith: I’m good. How are you?

AMBY: I’m great, thanks. I just want to say a big thanks on behalf of A Music Blog, Yea? for speaking with me today.

Echosmith: Of course. Thanks.

AMBY: To kick things off, you released your debut record Talking Dreams back in 2013 and have released an EP titled Acoustic Dreams since then. Have you started to write new material for a forthcoming record?

Echosmith: Not yet. We’re so busy promoting Talking Dreams right now that there’s not really much time to be working on new songs at the moment. Right now we’re staying creative, but not insisting on making a new album whatsoever.

AMBY: Taken from that record, we must discuss Cool Kids. After listening to the song, I really got a sense that the single is about embracing who you are and that is what makes you cool. Being seventeen, you’re in the thick of that right now, aren’t you?

Echosmith: Yea, I think everyone at some point or another feels that way whether you’re my age or not. I think that in every situation, you can feel that way. Even if you have some success or not, despite all of that, people feel that way inside. You know? In the end, it’s all about accepting yourself and embracing who you are. Of course, doing what I do, there is a lot of ignoring that I have to do to those people who might say something hurtful. For me, I don’t want to define my identity to what other people’s opinions are of me. I think that’s when you are let down, over and over again [laughs].

AMBY: What initially inspired you to write an anthem about being yourself and having that level of confidence?

Echosmith: It’s a very important thing to talk about. All four of us have felt this way at one point, and because of that, we felt like we had to write about it from a personal experience and from our hearts. That’s really why we wrote it. It’s about a real feeling we had, which a lot of people are really relating to. That’s all we can really ask for.

AMBY: Which type of kid would you classify yourself in high school?

Echosmith: I wasn’t generally disliked [laughs]. I had a lot of friends and I was nice to everybody. I wasn’t that person who was only hanging out with certain people who were popular – I still hung out with those people, but I also was with other people. I wasn’t the popular kid, but I wasn’t the opposite either. I was kind of right in the middle where I’m floating around and was everyone’s friend.

AMBY and Echosmith: [laughs]

AMBY: Well in support of the album, you’re currently on a North America tour where I saw you were having a blast at Disney World the other day. How has touring been treating you all?

Echosmith: It’s been great. We’re doing a lot of touring right now which is really exciting because you get to do whatever you want because we’re old enough to be on stage and play these shows. It’s going great; the shows have been amazing and so many are selling out which is awesome. Getting to tour means we get to sometimes have an off day in Florida and go to Disney World, so it’s pretty cool.

AMBY: I’m glad to hear it’s been going well. There has been an amazing wave of “sibling bands” happening as of late. If you could tour with any other sibling band out there, which would you love to hit the road with?

Echosmith: I think it would be cool to play with Kings of Leon. They’re actually siblings, but there’s also a cousin I think, and I didn’t even know that until recently. I think it’s kind of cool that people don’t know that they’re a family… Of course, tons of people do know, but I didn’t know and I love that band! I think they would be pretty cool to play shows with.

AMBY: Being siblings in a band together, you’re of course going to have fans who will develop “crushes” on you. Are you ever protective of one another or does it get awkward when you meet flirtatious fans in front of each other?

Echosmith: We’re all a little protective in different ways! Of course, they’re very protective of me because I’m a girl and now matter how old I get, it will always be that way. Graham, the youngest, gets a lot of attention and so many girls like him. It does get kind of funny sometimes when girls are way too touchy with them or are hugging them. If a girl is hugging Graham for literally five minutes…

AMBY: You’re glaring over at them.

Echosmith: [laughs] Yea. There are moments where it’s kind of awkward but it’s funny.

AMBY: Growing up together, what were your music taste like – did you all listen to different genres of music or were you kind of on the same page?

Echosmith: Generally, there are a lot of similarities to what we listen to; bands like The Killers, Coldplay, U2, and eighties new wave. Of course, there are some exceptions where someone likes a band more than the other or I like something that Jamie doesn’t like. It might not always be the same, but we are pretty similar in taste.

AMBY: You weren’t the type of kids who would fight in the car to change the station or anything.

Echosmith: [laughs] Basically. Since Jamie is the oldest, he was always the one who got to choose what we were listening to.

AMBY: You’ve met some giants in the music industry – one neat moment I read about was when Katy Perry quoted a line from Cool Kids backstage at the MTV movie awards and you had this little freak out.

Echosmith: It was crazy.

AMBY: Who have been some of your favourite celebrity encounters, or people have met through being in Echosmith?

Echosmith: That was definitely a big one because we’ve been fans of Katy Perry for so long. You know? We loved her first album and we’ve loved her for so long. It was crazy to see that she was able to say our lyrics in front of my face [laughs]. Taylor Swift is another big one who we’re all fans of, so that was really exciting.

AMBY: Did you ever think a couple of years back, especially before the age of twenty, that you’d have had the opportunity of meeting these people that you look up to?

Echosmith: Never, I had no idea. Maybe I thought I might meet them real fast in a normal situation, but the fact that they both knew who I was and things like that, I never thought would ever happen. I’m definitely excited and thankful for it.

AMBY: For our last question here, what’s something about Echosmith that most of your fans don’t know yet?

Echosmith: That’s a good question. I think there’s a bunch of things that people don’t know. One thing is that we’re very much about food and we’re super into snacking. Our tour bus has a hundred snacks in it. We’re basically hungry all of the time.

AMBY and Echosmith: [laughs]

AMBY: Awesome. Funny enough, I’m nineteen which is considered to be relatively young in this industry, but after this interview, you’re making me feel a bit old [laughs]. It’s amazing what you guys have accomplish this far, so congrats on everything and best of luck with what’s to come.

Echosmith: Thank you so much.

AMBY: It’s my pleasure.


Thank you Echosmith, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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