Concert Review + Photos: Never Shout Never, Hayley Kiyoko, + more @ The Mod Club – Toronto

Never Shout Never
Never Shout Never started out when Christofer Drew Ingle was just 16 years old. He began writing songs on acoustic guitar and ukulele. A teenager from Joplin, Missouri with a passion for music, he decided to start recording and making music on his computer. Soon after he started posting music to MySpace and YouTube, he gained a following and his fan base began to grow. Now 8 years and 6 albums later, Never Shout Never has grown in sound and band mates. The band is now comprised of Christofer Drew Ingle (lead vocals & guitar), Taylor Macfee (bass guitar), Ian Crawford (guitar) and Hayden Kaiser (drums). Chris is also part of two other bands; The Gonzo and Eat Me Raw. He started his own record label, Loveway records in 2009. He created it as a way to release Never Shout Never’s music independently. Other bands on the label include: Me Like Bees, The Gonzo, Eat Me Raw, and Quinnli.

Never Shout Never released their newest album Recycled Youth this week. An album comprised of their older songs, re-mastered and revisited; a sort of homage to the long-time fans of Never Shout Never. You could tell that the show would be intimate before the band even walked onstage. At the small Virgin Mobile MOD club, there’s a crowd of people waiting, the openers – SayWeCanFly, Me Like Bees, and Haley Kiyoko get the crowd pumped up, all with their own captivating sound. One girl told me of her excitement to finally see Never Shout Never live, after being a fan for years and never being able to make it out to a show.

The lights dim, and the crowd goes wild as the band walks on stage. They start off the show with “On the Brightside” a slower song off Recycled Youth. You could already start to feel the nostalgia. I’ve been a fan for many years and it’s nice to hear a band play older songs, especially with new twists. You could tell that the songs really hit hard with most of the people in the crowd. Looking around the room you could see almost everyone singing intensely along and losing themselves in the music. There were two guys in front of me who sang along to every word, danced the entire concert, as if they morphed into the music becoming one with the sound waves vibrating around us all. For me, and I imagine quite a few fans, it was a great experience getting to hear those songs, the ones that we all used to sing along to when we were in high school, the ones that may have gotten us through some tough things, or just made us smile. Chris has a uniquely charming voice that draws you in and makes you really listen to the music; it’s a gripping melodic story. The show was mainly acoustic, Chris playing his acoustic 12 string, the ukulele, harmonica, kazoo or tambourine. Add in the electric guitar, bass, and drums you’ve got a pretty brilliant sound and vibe. But the amazing fact is that they can move from song to song, so seamlessly while pulling sounds from different genres. The set list was comprised of mainly old songs off of “Recycled Youth” but Never Shout Never played a couple songs – Red Balloon and Black Cat – off their upcoming album. I find that seeing them play live always leaves the crowd with a smile on their face and the need to dance along to good tunes. All in all, this was a great experience seeing Never Shout Never especially at such an intimate venue.

Never Shout Never

Hayley Kiyoko

Me Like Bees


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Photos by Theo Rallis () | Review by Aria Avalos (@aria_kosara)

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