Getting Cozy With: Craig Lawlor

Craig Lawlor
So I’m Craig Lawlor, an acoustic singer-songwriter based in the north west of England but it hasn’t always been this way. In the beginning there were the piano lessons and English literature at school and all the while I was trying like most people to find my way and more importantly find my voice. I have my parents to thank for my love of music and from a young age I gained an appreciation for the emotions that music can conjure within you and how songs really can save your life.

So I had this appreciation of music, I just needed a medium to develop my own voice and around the age of 15, I bought my first guitar. I stumbled around with a few chords like everyone does and I didn’t think it was going to work out for me but I kept trying. I finally got myself to a reasonable level and the opportunity came to play in a band called ‘The Griff’ in my hometown of Nuneaton in the Midlands. When we started writing songs together, I felt like I had finally found my voice and that felt really good.

‘The Griff’ lasted for another two years until I was forced to embark on a journey to the north of England to endure a university degree and find myself a nice career. Although I still loved my music –The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, The La’s; music wasn’t my priority. But I soon felt like I had unfinished business. I took an old acoustic guitar with me to the town of Preston and I continued to write songs and perform with different groups of people without taking things too seriously. Then there was a game changer – I well and truly discovered Bob Dylan. The things that he could (and still can) express with just one vocal, an acoustic guitar and a harmonica saw me set my sights on a solo career and as of yet, I haven’t looked back. I signed with Sound-Hub Records in 2013 and I recorded four tracks with session musicians to give my tracks that full band sound and in my opinion, they sound great. However, I still gig with just an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, like Dylan in the early days and all my songs are written this way.

I released my debut single ‘If You Knew’ last month – I hope you enjoy it and it means something to you. I really believe that music brings people together and this is how I feel when I’m out gigging – I don’t feel like I’m doing it solely for myself. Music is for everyone and although I may be considered a little narrow-minded in my music taste, I think it’s amazing that there are so many different genres of music out there. Diversity is a wonderful thing. To record my songs and release them through a record label feels like a great achievement but it’s not all about me, I hope people hear my songs and can relate to them and connect with them. I’m currently planning a UK tour and will be releasing my second single in the coming months. I hope there are plenty of exciting times ahead for all of us.

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