Concert Review: Little Comets @ Rescue Rooms – Nottingham

With a mass of breakthrough acts trying to replicate those jangly complex melodies and piece them together in an attempt to create something different and unique, it’s refreshing to hear a band who’ve been doing it right for years. Little Comets’ recent tour sees more of those catchy melodies and choruses which bring people to their gigs year after year without fail. After playing some sold out shows to small crowds in the musical gems of certain cities, the main segment of their tour loomed as the band made their way to Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms. With a packed venue – full of the usual youngsters- the band successfully showed how they repeatedly pull the crowds.

Welcomed on stage with a roar of cheers the Geordie lads quickly kicked into “Worry” as the infectious opening melody bounced around the venue and forced the urge to dance out of everyone. Sparking a lively reaction with that subtle indie sound which seems to take over your body, the band quickly moved through their set with front man Rob saying “Basically, we’ll play as much as we can before we have to leave”. And that’s exactly what the band did. Playing a 20 song long set which led them right up to the venues curfew, a mix of songs from their recent album were heard along with some of those iconic Little Comets songs featured on their debut album ‘In Search Of Elusive Little Comets’ .

“Little Italy” saw the greatest reaction from the crowd of the newer material as people picked up and danced around to the repetitive loop of Robs guitar. Singing along to ” Life don’t animate, just creeps up on you slowly, surely…” As the chaotic and rapid plucking of robs guitar subsided, there was a sense this song stood out from the rest. New material was plentiful however and well received all round, “Formula” plucked immediately after “Little Italy” amongst others saw the crowd lift with excitement, more than hinting to the band that the new album is being hailed a success.

Yet it was the older material from Little Comets debut album which without doubt saw the Nottingham crowd at their most energetic. After a welcomed break in the tempo of the set with new song “The Gift Of Sound”, “Isles” was belted out and met by wild screams and cheers. And this was only repeated for all of the material taken from their debut album which always seems to remain close to the hearts of all those Little Comets fans in the room who have been there from the beginning. “Adultery” and “One Night In October” shed leases of life throughout the venue and started a sing along with the crowd that echoed every lyric Rob threw at them.

As always thought it was “Dancing Song” that brought rowdiness to the crowd. All those towards the front could be seen dancing around messily and chaotically to the irresistible guitar hook that kicked off with “this one’s for dancing”. Always a crowd pleaser and essential in the bands set the song brought real chaos one last time before the band continued with their final two songs, leaving the stage after a surprisingly new song “My Boy William” which has been described by Rob as one of “the most emotionally honest songs that I’ve ever written… a message to my little boy William”.

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