Getting Cozy With: ARMORS

We are ARMORS. You could best describe us as an abstract mural of awkward millennials from all corners of Southern California. We just released our debut single “Parasite” in January and are releasing our follow up single “Old House” now. These songs are the products of late night jam sessions in a small home studio with Adam Castilla of the Colourist handling the production. We learned a lot whilst recording these songs—a lot about our individual selves, and a lot about being in a band. For example, we figured out how to fit five dudes on a single love seat comfortably, as well as how to branch out and play music we normally wouldn’t.

These kinds of experiences in the studio have really brought us together and made us better musicians. Slaving away on those tracks have pushed and challenged us, but also showed us how strong we can be as a band.

With all of the hard work we put into these songs we couldn’t be any more appreciative of the overwhelmingly positive responses we’ve gotten from our fans thus far. It is a bit terrifying to put new music out without knowing what people’s reactions will be. We tend to be too critical of ourselves; however, all of that disappears the moment our fans sing along in the crowd. Then and there we are reminded that playing music is our true passion.


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