Getting Cozy With: The Comfort

The Comfort
Hello AMBY,

It may sound redundant to say but we as a band are about the music and honesty. We aren’t about moshing, we aren’t about money or fame. We aren’t a bunch of guys more interested in saying they’re in a band rather than actually writing good songs and we will never write or release anything that has no meaning.

What you get from us is 100% truth and we will never play it safe. If we want to write a song that sounds like Meshuggah, we will. If we want to write a song that sounds like The 1975, we will. We will never write a song about summer time girls – every line in every song means something to us.

We put everything we have into everything we do and hope for nothing more than creating a feeling within someone who listens to our music.

We are not your favorite melodic hardcore band or ‘feels’ band. We’re musicians trying to present honesty and passion.

Thank you, The Comfort.


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