Getting Cozy With: Billy Momo

Billy Momo
Dear reader. Don’t pay no mind to this Billy Momo character. He’s not that real anyhow. He’s just in those Swedes heads, really.

He first turned up in the minds of Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell – two Swedish gents in their prime years – as they had gone to an old cabin in the woods to seek isolation from the world, so that they could write some music. There they were, minding their own business, when this ghost – not even ghost, just a figure of imagination – turned up and ruined the party.

The music became all gloomy, bitter-comic and sentimental. All the new grooves became squeaky, like an old door. It’s like you can hear the wind howling and the trees in the woods swaying in the music. Not at all the urban, beaty, digitalized, fresh sound that was supposed to be there. Well, sure, some of it is still there, but there is also that hick feeling that seems to have soaked the hole project.

After the release of a debut album called ORDINARY MEN (Hype Music/MTV Networks 2013) this illusion of a man, as if it wasn’t enough as it was, started making his way into the minds of five more poor fellows. Tomas had been managing a bar in Stockholm, gathering up all kinds of trash, both as customers and as staff. Seemed only natural that some of the kitchen staff and a few regulars be gathered up and made victims of this same psychosis.

So, now they were seven. A second album, suitably called DRUNKTALK was recorded and now released to the public.

Billy Momo is now digging his way into the minds of one after another. He’s slick but crude, bitter but comic, old but new, and really a quite seductive fellow. You should’t pay him any mind, though. You might end up sentimental, bitter, lovesick, and probably drunk.


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