Concert Review: Scott Helman @ The Robert McLaughlin Gallery – Oshawa

Scott Helman
Photo Credit: The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Scott Helman is a name we will be hearing a lot more of in the near future. Born and raised in Toronto, the area has been a large inspiration to his musical career. The first performance he had with his band was at Supermarket in Kesington Market. This area is where the magic started for Scott and his band, leading to the title of his EP – “Augusta”. The name of EP is accredited to the street in Kensington Market, where he actually finished recording the album. It was officially released in October 2014. Opening for the likes of Tegan and Sarah, Matthew Good, and Shawn Mendes. The band has since performed in many local venues ranging from The Cameron House to Massey Hall.

On the first Friday of every month The Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery features “Emerging Superstars”. Kicking things off for April was Scott Helman. The gallery was abuzz with people ranging from 5 years old to 60+. Along with their performance, were interactive art experiences, open gallery spaces, and social mingling.

Despite the quaintness of the venue, the band brought a lot of soul to their performance. Interacting with both each other and the audience, all the attention for the 30 minute segment was on them. Scott began by addressing the elephant in the room with a story about being in a bar with friends – yes he is old enough to drink. While he looks younger than you’d think, his talent and lyrics prove he is in fact wise beyond his years.

Starting off with That Sweater, the set exemplified the range in tone and rhythm that comes for each song on their EP. Taking the time to introduce each of the band members, Scott brought a human comment to the performance, providing anticdotes for each of the songs.

His song “Machine” brings to light the issue of technology and although it can bring people closer together, it also has a way of pushing us apart, especially in real life experiences. The essence of the song brings a message of selfworth and the importance of valuing yourself.

The energy in the room reached an all time high as they ended with their hit song “Bungalow.” You could see the passion and excitement in the eyes of these young men. One of my favourite experiences is when you have the chance to see an artist perform before they have really gotten big. There’s something incredible about seeing artists at an early stage, in a small, intimate venue and then watching as they grow.

Their journey has only just begun and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. Next up on their tour they will be performing for Canadian Music Week at The Mod Club. Look out as the continue to tour throughout Canada.

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Review by Emily Moorhouse | @emoorhousepr

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