Concert Review + Photos: Tigers Jaw, Lemuria, and SoMoS @ The Mod Club – Toronto

Tigers Jaw
When I signed up to review Tigers Jaw at The Mod Club, I was unaware that I had signed up to review an all ages show. I want to start this review by saying it has been several years since I’ve been to one of these, and I was never the biggest fan of them to begin with; the grass always seemed greener on the other side (what can I say, I’ve been a grumpy old man for most of my life). As soon as I was old enough to get into other venues, maybe even a bit before I was old enough (but who’s really counting?), I ditched the all ages shows and never looked back.

Somos took the stage first and started out by creating a cacophonous sound which built up into their first song. Mixing punky guitar lines with chugging bass and some exceptional drumming, the set moved along quickly with lots of pleasant noise. There was a lot of variation and movement in their music, loud to muted, fast to slow. They pulled out a lot of tricks that really worked in keeping my attention and getting me invested in the songs.

Buffalo’s own Lemuria came next and after a brief soundcheck they began. Their sound was a slightly more chilled out rock with elements of country thrown in, which differed in a lot of ways from the heavier faster paced music being played by the other 2 bands on the roster. Taking brief moments in between songs to duct tape the strap of her guitar back into place (this happened a couple of times), the singer talked to the crowd. Her singing was light and the guitar had a thick, warm sound that contrasted well with the growl of the bass and the staccato tap of the drums. While they had their fair share of technical problems (on top of the failing guitar strap, the drummer’s mic began to slip during one of the songs and was rescued when the singer of the next band ran on stage and fixed it) the set was solid with members of the audience singing along.

The crowd pushed forward as Tigers Jaw picked up their instruments. Their music was fast-paced rock with elements of punk and country added for good measure. Filled with guitar and vocal harmonies the sound was huge (much larger than I expected from the couple of songs I listened to before the show). The crowd reacted with an energy and jubilance that I haven’t seen in a while, erupting into movement and cheering as circle pits formed and crowd surfers started flying back and forth. It became hard to hear some of the softer elements of the music as they were overwhelmed by the combined force of many voices singing back at the stage.

Despite my initial feelings surrounding an all ages event, my trepidation dissolved soon after the music started, leading to a really enjoyable experience with great bands and atmosphere. That being said, I think I’ll stick to my 19+ tickets – this old man needs a drink.

Tigers Jaw



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Photos by Benjamin Telford (bentelfordphoto) | Review by Tristan Johnston

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