Getting Cozy With: Jay Brown

Jay Brown
For those of you who don’t know me my names is Jay Brown.

I am Northampton born and bred and I’ve been a bedroom writer since the age of 14.  I decided I didn’t want to do anything else but write my own songs, perform live and be an artist. Writing songs was my way of telling my own stories and I have never looked back.

Actually, I take that back. I had wild ideas of being the first woman in the premier league.  Running across the pitch and sliding across the wet grass on a crisp morning after scoring a goal was 2nd to playing my guitar and writing.  The same rush, the same fight.

People tell me I have mad skills at football, like the great footballer Shearer! I would say so too. Yep.

I try and exercise that outlandish dream by playing at the weekends and keeping those kick ups to a minimum of 100. However, despite the ball, the goal and the crowds screaming when you score it goes back to music, music, music. The beautiful obsession.

School was the teaching ground, as it is for so many and I remember going through my mad emo phase, testing out my songs in a new metal band called Memphis, (think Skunk Anansie meets System of a Down) playing alongside my school best friends and brother was amazing. However, it soon naturally took its course and before you knew it the course of education and life pointed its finger and I soon was gallivanting my way across London to do my back up plan. A psychology degree. Screaming and jumping into crowds was replaced with dorm rooms and books.

However, despite Freud and psychoanalysis, my passion still layed upon a firm foundation of vagabonding around London with my guitar alongside my loyal best buddy Valou on cello.

We chased our dreams and lived and breathed music. We packed up and moved into a cool stint back in my home town Northampton. A derelict house where we ate, drank, movied, and most importantly wrote songs for 3 months solid. It felt great to be surrounded by instruments. I would wake up every morning knowing this is what I wanted to do. Nothing else.

After playing and discovering I came back to London, jumped straight in the studio with Mark Crew and Dan from Bastille to do my first EP.  I was blown away by the love we received from Radio 1 who randomly playlisted  two tracks ‘Video’ and ‘Keep Talking’ (big thanks for that!)

I sat in the back of small tour vans and went up and down the country gigging and before you could say psychology degree I was asked to play on the BBC introducing stage at Glastonbury (Madness!),

From Glasto I stumbled upon an amazing group of friends and musicians, of which we continued the saga of our obsession. They taught me so much. Goldsmith graduates who gave me a knew insight on my work, our work, we became a team.

We even went on to support Rufus Wainwright!!! I felt at peace when you could hear a pin drop when the first note of my guitar made a noise and although I was nervous and so grateful, the bedroom of my childhood was now on the stage.

My recent work has been my latest achievement and contribution to this epic journey. We recorded the second EP , ‘My Name is Her’  and songs such as ‘Diamond’ (produced by Kris Harris) racked up 100,000 views on Spotify, which was unreal and unexpected. This EP has taken me to my present. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery.

Where am I now? My new single ‘Green’ is out (produced by drummer Max Woolett and synths Avi Barath). A great testament of the teamwork.

From an emo, to a footballer, to a half hearted psychologist, I can now say that music is where I am truly at.

My new EP came out on the 23rd of February. Who knows where it will take us next.


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