Exclusive Track Premiere + Interview: Paddy Hanna – “Camaraderie”

Paddy Hanna
Following the success which came from his debut record Leafy Stiletto, Irish songwriter and singer Paddy Hanna is gearing up for the release of his newest song Camaraderie, the b-side of his latest single Austria. Fusing folk-Americana and cruising, slow tempoed surf-rock (think Girls circa Album), Camaraderie results in a charming, beachy, jangle-pop gem which is scheduled for release on May 11th via Trout Records.

To learn more about the double release, A Music Blog, Yea? recently spoke with Paddy Hanna. Follow updates from him, indulge in our interview, and exclusively stream Camaraderie below:

AMBY: Hey Paddy, welcome and thanks for having a chat. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Paddy Hanna: Hello readers, my name is Paddy Hanna, I’m a songwriter and warbler from Dublin, Ireland.

AMBY: You soon release your new single Camaraderie. Tell us a bit about the song.

Paddy Hanna: It deals with a month long period where I was struck down with depression, growing ever more isolated and paranoid by the day. I can certainly say it was a therapeutic writing process.

AMBY: When it came to writing the release, who or what did you look to for inspiration?

Paddy Hanna: I live in Howth, a small fishing town that is quite the tourist haunt. from my sitting room you can hear the jollity of the visitors as they frolic about. A large portion of the song deals with hearing this jollity while being scared to leave my house, interpreting what I thought might be going on outside, often thinking delusional things like “their all laughing at you”. So yes, the song is inspired by tourists.

AMBY: Is there an EP or record in the works?

Paddy Hanna: You can expect a follow up single in the coming months, as far as a record is concerned, Im ready to get cracking as soon as I have the time and resources

AMBY: Does hailing from Dublin, Ireland have an influence on your music? If so, how?

Paddy Hanna: Having grown up in the suburbs I never fully embraced what it was like to be a true Dub, my culture was grown out of watching schlocky films and listening to music in my bedroom.

AMBY: Imagine that you’re watching your favourite band and suddenly a member disappears from the stage and you can replace them. Which band would this be?

Paddy Hanna: I often have nightmares were I’m asked to fill in for a band member and have an hour to learn off all the songs, so this would not be an ideal situation for me. That being said I would probably drum for The Ramones, it would be very tiring, but not massively complicated.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Paddy Hanna that nobody knows yet?

Paddy Hanna: I have seen almost every Italian Zombie/Cannibal movie from the late 70s to mid 80s. The only ones which have eluded me are ‘the last Cannibal world’ and ‘porno holocaust’, though I’ve been told the latter is not worth watching.


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