Concert Review: George Ezra and Ruen Brothers @ The Danforth Music Hall – Toronto

The weather in Toronto has been pretty amazing lately — I’m a lover of rainy days, sweaters, coffee and live music. This is why I jumped at the chance to see George Ezra. The crowd at Toronto’s The Danforth Music Hall was absolutely electric; I have never seen fans so dedicated and ecstatic to see a performer and there I was about to stand in a line that was blocks away from the venue. The performers, fans, staff, and security at the concert were wonderful; every aspect of this event completely won me over.

The Ruen Brothers were the opening act for the night and set the bar for the night incredibly high. Their song “Summer Sun” was the highlight of their performance, although the younger, Rupert of the two brothers seemed fairly quiet and shy, their personalities came through strongly in this song. Everyone at the venue was overjoyed and loved The Ruen Brothers, there were fans singing along to every one of their songs. They even took a picture of the crowd; it’s no surprise everyone went crazy. For a band I hadn’t heard of before the show, The Ruen Brothers utterly rocked my world and it’s safe to say I wasn’t overly delighted when it was time for us to part ways.

The Danforth Music Hall went quiet for a deadly ten minutes where fans were itching to see one who they had waited in line for hours for. When the stage went dark and George Ezra magically appeared on stage with his guitar, the crowd went wild. I couldn’t help myself from screaming; I was going to jump right out of my skinny jeans. When he began to perform “Cassy O” the crowd echoed his singing, it was amazing. Being an artist, the feeling of having your fans sing back to you must have been indescribable moment. I can’t lie; when Ezra sang “Listen to the Man” I wanted a pina colada so badly, I probably wasn’t the only one. He sent me on a tropical vacation and back in a matter of four minutes.

Throughout the show, Ezra told us about his voyage to nine different cities alone; just to see if he could be by himself. When he performed the track Barcelona, you could feel how low and raw his voice was. He was being himself with us the entire show, no mask, just pure George Ezra. In life, we often feel like we fear others but we really only fear ourselves. For a lot of people, being alone can be the most challenging endeavor because you are left with only your mind and your thoughts to entertain yourself. It can be horribly boring and or extremely scary. Ezra showed the crowd that night that you have to accept yourself and be your own best friend at times because at the end of the day you have to deal with yourself every minute of every day of your life.

George Ezra and The Ruen Brothers seemed to spread a contagious happiness; people in the crowd couldn’t hide the smiles on their faces. Even the crew seemed to be having a blast, when the tech guys were on stage they were hopping around and laughing with each other. The security guard near me was singing along and grooving with the fans.

Ezra told the crowd about a night when he was on his voyage, and he met a group of girls who lived in Malmo wanted to go to the Eurovision Song Contest, he agreed as long as there would be alcohol. Coincidentally, there was a law that alcohol couldn’t be served after a certain time, he ended up buying a bottle of rum from a guy in a park. He got so drunk he was too late to go to the place he wanted to go so badly on his nine city adventure. “Budapest”, Ezra’s single was the song of the night. I was singing along, the girls beside me were singing along, the guys at the bar were singing along, the people down the road were singing along (including my mother), everyone was singing along.

When he exited the stage the cheers died down, everyone was in utter panic that the show was over. As they screamed for an encore the tech guys were doing their thing, and that was when Ezra reappeared ready to wow us all over again. He ended off the show with a solid performance of “Did You Hear the Rain?” a perfect song for lovers of rain like me.

I’m sure that no one left the venue without a new friend. The most amazing thing about live music is that it brings people who are celebrating the same sounds together. George Ezra and The Ruen Brothers put on such an awesome show that every person walking out of the Music Hall were in awe. Post Concert Depression (PCD) hit us all hard; I was even considering driving down to Philadelphia to their next show. Everyone was sore, tired but were in a constant state of Euphoria. I will be going to the next George Ezra concert in Toronto as well as The Ruen Brothers. They put on a show incomparable to any other, I could not be any happier that I had the experience. I would highly recommend the Wanted on Voyage tour to anyone and everyone; you will not regret it.

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Photos by Kayla Baker () | Review by Jiya Mehta (@maydayjiya)

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