Concert Review: The View @ The Leadmill – Sheffield

“The room, the room, the room is on fire”, the sight of a packed Leadmill chanting and shouting would surely make anyone about to step on stage quiver at the knees. With the racket created before The View’s arrival, there was a sense this was going to be no exception. As their stage presence loomed closer, this chant filled the air and riled up a crowd poised to erupt at the ringing of the first chord struck from Kyle Falconer’s guitar.

Casually strolling on stage, pints were hurled forwards as the foursome belted out the heavy brash clatter of an opening to “Glass Smash”. The room immediately erupted into chaos as the crowd surged forward and danced around hectically, a performance set to be trouble from the offset. Brashly moving through a set which brandished old material from the likes of ‘Hats Off to The Buskers’, ‘What Bitch?’ and ‘Bread and Circuses’, but also with the first glance of a few new songs from the now recorded ‘Ropewalk’, The View gave everything they had.

“Grace” saw the distinct strumming of Kyle’s guitar at its most prominent as quick and slick melodies bounced off the stage and injected movement and energy into the room. A definite crowd pleaser accompanied early on in the set by the likes of “Wasteland” produced and energy which returned in moments throughout the night.

Turning attention to the new material being played, quite possibly for the first time in front of a live audience, there was a mixed reaction from the crowd. “Marriage” almost appeared distant as Kyle screamed the lyrics “something old, something new…” doing his all to inject life into a song which appears to be the front for The View’s move into uncharted territory. Guitar melodies placed after the chorus stood out as they trickled through the ears and almost lifted the song from its remote and almost gloomy state. “Under the Rug” ,another glimpse at ‘Ropewalk’, was carefully slotted between two favourites and unlike marriage seemed more upbeat and energetic. Although this new material was gracing the ears of many for the first time, the dreamy chorus and pleasant melodies under cutting lyrics “just keep letting the sun…” seemed to leave a more pleasant taste amongst the crowd.

Before long, this was amplified even more so as Kyle quickly moved into “Same Jeans”, sending people running back from the bar to the sound of the looping chords which made way for a full crowd sing along, “I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now”. Always a success, The View’s arguably most recognizable song sulked at its expectation to wreak havoc, with “Grace”, “Wasted Little DJ’s”, and “Shock Horror” being highlights amongst the set.

Nevertheless, The View’s live return smashed expectations. With bassist and co songwriter Kieran Webster taking the lead for a couple of songs early on in the set as Kyle picked up a bass, and with a mash up of old and new material, an energetic and dynamic set left a famished Leadmill crowd satisfied.

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Review by Jacob Flannery |

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