You’ve GOT to Hear This: Saint Raymond – “Fall At Your Feet”

Saint Raymond
‘Fall At Your Feet’ by Nottingham musician Callum Burrows – better known as Saint Raymond – is the perfect antidote to get you out of that longing-for-summer fog, with a chorus that you inevitably end up shouting at the top of your lungs.

Saint Raymond is essentially a prodigy with all he has achieved at the age of 19, including signing with Asylum Records, touring with acts such as Bruce Springsteen and Ed Sheeran and having ‘Fall At Your Feet’ open the Tina Fey film ‘This Is Where I Leave You’. With all of this, he has somehow had time to release three incredible EPs and my single of the summer – ‘I Want You’.

‘Fall At Your Feet’ is clearly set to keep this trajectory going. With charmingly sharp lyrics such as “Watch me fall at your feet, give it all to make you feel complete”, he manages to avoid cheesy love song territory and instead exudes boyish charisma to draw the listener in.

The initial delicate pop beats on the record slowly turn into a mixture of rousing drums and incredible harmonies, turning the song from gentle to empowering. The highlight of the song is undoubtedly the last chorus, this is where Burrows is able to highlight his singing skills with an upbeat final rendition of the most stirring lyrics on the song – “Who am I trying to be, who am I trying to please?”

Major British radio stations have latched onto Burrows’ music and the airplay doesn’t seem like it will be slowing down, with his debut album due out this summer. The record is certain to be essential listening for anyone who wants to dance endlessly to a mixture of optimistic lyrics and bright, relaxed rhythms.

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Review by Priyal Agrawal | @priyalagrawal

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