Concert Review: Prince @ Sony Centre – Toronto

Photo by Cindy Ord/NPG Records

Absolutely insane, and absolutely no hyperbole – Prince at the Sony Centre Tuesday evening invoked glam rock hallucinations of the highest order. It was a total rave-up – a funk and soul revue too soul to be funk and too funk to be soul, overflowing with each and so much more. Over the course of a two and a half hour late show, Prince proved why he can schedule back-to-back sets two days in advance to a 3000+ capacity theatre and sell both out.

With his killer 3RDEYEGIRL backing band (including hometown guitar hero Donna Grantis) stomping out muscular takes on some of his most beloved and best hits, as well as some groovy newer jams thrown in for good measure, I’d have a hard time believing anyone left the place less than fully satisfied. Hell, a 20-minute show-closing “Purple Rain” was probably worth the cost of admission alone.

For that matter, it’s probably worth waiting outside the Sony Centre on the off chance he decides to play another show tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. Who knows what the man formerly known as a symbol will do? Prince doesn’t play by our mortal rules. We play by his, and with shows of this caliber, we’re happy to.

Review by Adam Kamin | @A_Kamin

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