You’ve GOT to Hear This: Wolf Alice – “Giant Peach”

Wolf Alice
It’s hard to label North London band Wolf Alice with any particular genre; the exuberant clash of folk tinged rock and psychedelic reverb-ed soaked guitars have led to being labelled as grunge and alternative rock, but the band themselves prefer being known for “rocky pop”.

The single ‘Giant Peach’ precedes their highly anticipated album ‘My Love Is Cool’ – due for release late in June – and is brimming with the multifarious tones the band have become synonymous with. An intro lasting nearly one minute and thirty seconds builds to Ellie Roswell unleashing her haunting but empowering vocal ability, but I feel the emphasis in this song is with the infectious beats and guitar riffs rather than the lyrics. However, the rebellious attitude of the band is ever present with “I don’t tell no lies no more, you know, I just don’t tell the truth” open to interpretation, but obviously not implying a form of honesty. The intense piercing guitars emphasise the grunge aesthetic of the track whilst coupling with the aggressive yelps from Ellie later in the song helps create a gritty climax, flaunting her impressive vocal range whilst not detracting from the kaleidoscopic euphoria the song creates.

The song doesn’t give the impression of a band who do not know who they are, more a band that does what they want. The lack of an obvious genre allows them to create an unique sound, one that can be compared to The XX but also bands like Elastica in the same breath. Whatever sound they produce next one thing is certain, the hurricane of excitement and rapture they’ve whipped up can only propel them forwards.

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Review by Harry Curtis | @Harry_Curtis_

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  1. An excellent review written by an excellent writer. Truly inspired me to listen to Wold Alice.

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