Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Scarlet

I first came across Jessie Robinson playing with Liverpool outfit The Thespians at X&Y Festival back in 2013. Whilst the band seemed to be achieving early success with the release of their first album, a few months later they disbanded. By early 2014, she had not only started a brand new project, but was already drawing comparisons to Patti Smith and Jackie O performing as the lead singer of Scarlet. Ahead of the release of the band’s debut EP Fishes, I caught up with Robinson and fellow band member Ryan Lee to find out more about their shoegaze sound, love of pop music, and the budding bromance between Ryan and Gianluca!

AMBY: So who exactly are Scarlet?

JESSIE: Scarlet are a 5 piece alternative indie band, we’re from St Helens, Southport, Manchester, The Wirral and Birmingham. I (Jessie Robinson) play lead guitar and sing and Conor (Williams) is the drummer. Ryan Lee and Adam Cunliffe play guitars, Gianluca Rizzuto plays Bass

AMBY: What’s the inspiration behind the name?

JESSIE: My mum was going to call me Scarlet originally so I just used that name for the band.

AMBY: How would you describe the band’s sound?

JESSIE: We have songs that are upbeat that you can dance to and we also have songs that create a wall of shoegaze sounds, that are supposed to hit you in the brain and make you feel ace… id say were smudgy indie pop gaze.

Ryan : The live interpretations mesh the perfect balance of alternative and experimented sounds which are an important part of what we do, with the recordings we really tried to bring forth the beauty of the melody and the lyrics.

AMBY: You’re still a relatively new band, but you guys have already played some exciting shows supporting Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats, The Struts and Pulled Apart By Horses. What’s been your favourite show so far?

RYAN : Actually a show we did in Blackpool in a place called Underbar, we’ve done some great shows in front of some big crowds but the atmosphere in the room that night was just really wonderful.

AMBY: When it comes to making music who or what influences you the most?

JESSIE: Personally, I have quite an extreme personality. I’m either really incredibly happy or totally distraught hahaha so that really helps my writing because I get surges of extreme feeling which I can express through my lyrics. I love pop music… That might be really uncool to say, I don’t know.

RYAN : Just knowing that I can still create and I can still try my very hardest to push whatever boundaries the musical world may still hold that’s what personally influences me, if you don’t wanna push creativity what is the point?

AMBY: Who have you been listening to lately?

JESSIE: I listen to The Cranberries and The Verve all the time.

RYAN: Daniel Johnston, Flying Lotus and errrr The Beach Boys, always The Beach Boys.

AMBY: Scarlet are about to release the band’s debut EP Fishes what’s your favourite track and why?

JESSIE: My favourite track is ‘Hold Me Under’ because we threw it together while we were in the studio actually recording it. And I love that we didn’t have time to over think it. It’s simple and I really like that.

RYAN: I’d have to pick ‘Anyway’. It is okay to say your own bands song makes your hairs stand up on end, right?

AMBY: You’ve just played Leaf in Liverpool for the EP launch what else is in store for the band?

JESSIE: We said we weren’t going to gig much over summer and that we were just going to write. But were getting offered festivals and it’s a little difficult to say no to them ha-ha so I think we will be writing, doing the odd festival and preparing for the next release. There are some really exciting things on the horizon which were not allowed to announce yet, but keep your eyes on the Facebook for the announcements!

AMBY: And lastly, tell us something about Scarlet that nobody else knows?

RYAN: I’m a jelly wrestling champion and Gianluca is in love with me.


Thank you Scarlet, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Fi Carroll | @dirtyroknroller

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