Getting Cozy With: Filligar

Hey AMBY readers—

We are the band Filligar based out of Los Angeles.  The four of us are made up of three brothers Pete (drums), Teddy (bass), myself (Johnny, guitar + vocals), and a good friend from our hometown of Chicago, Casey (keyboards).

We started out as a band when we covered a Nirvana song back in high school and slowly began to write our own stuff from there. Our new record, called Keepsakes of the Interior, has some of that early unfiltered spirit in it—was a lot of fun to make.

The songs were written in a studio built out of an old gondola storage house just a few steps from the Venice Beach canals. We tracked and mixed the album ourselves, taking the time to experiment with sounds. Microphones were littered amongst West African drums, various stringed instruments, analog keyboards, toy pianos, guitar pedals, and really anything we could get our hands on.

We’re looking forward to releasing some new videos and other items in the album goody bag. Would love to meet you all—so give us a shout. Cheers!


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