Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine OK
New York natives Great Good Fine Ok recently released their quirky music video for single Not Going Home. In our latest interview, A Music Blog, Yea? emailed the duo before their show in Washington, D.C. to discuss touring, how to stay sane on the road, recording, and kimonos – enjoy!

AMBY: How did Great Good Fine Ok come about?

JON: Luke and I met and became friends about 3 years ago when he was living around the corner from me in BK with my close friend and piano player. About a year ago and a half ago we ran into each other on the street after not seeing each other for months and decided to write a song together. That night “You’re the One for Me” was created. We put a band together and started writing more songs and GGFO was born.

AMBY: What made you want to go into music, has it always been the career path you guys wanted to go down?

JON: We have both been making music since we were very young. I never decided that I wanted to “go into music,” it was just always what I did naturally. I think we both just always knew that music was what we loved, and never really thought of pursuing anything else.

AMBY: So you guys recently toured with Vinyl Theatre and Magic Man. How was that?

JON: It was awesome! Both bands are super nice/amazing performers and it was a total honor to be part of it.

AMBY: Do you prefer touring or recording and why?

JON: I prefer touring. I just love performing and sharing these songs live. Feeling the energy from the fans every night and getting to travel to so many amazing places with my friends is the tops for me.

LUKE: The structure and routine of touring is a nice contrast to day-to-day life living and working in NYC, where life isn’t as structured and focused on a singular goal as it is when you’re on the road. Even when we’re on the road, I’m always working on new music – so its just a change of scenery, which can be refreshing.

AMBY: How was the transition from taking these tracks from the recording studio to performing them at live shows?

LUKE: It wasn’t easy. My productions tend to be heavily layered and have lots of different sounds going on, so it was a challenge figuring out how to split up the parts and re-orchestrate things to fit better with a five-piece band. Once we’re all comfortable with our parts, the live versions of the songs tend to take on a life of their own. Sometimes we even go back and add things to the recordings after we’ve played a song live for a while.

AMBY: What artists and/or bands have you been really into lately?

JON: Kendrick Lamar, Joywave, Oh Land

LUKE: Tesla Boy, Shura, Jai Paul

AMBY: What do you do in order to stay sane on the road?

LUKE: A lot of crossword puzzles in the van.

JON: We eat well. We love to try the best local foods in the different cities. We also always make time to run around outside and do some physical activity.

AMBY: What is next for Great Good Fine Ok and when can fans expect to hear with your new material?

JON: More songs, touring, videos, kimonos…everything! The new material will make your body feel great.


Thank you Great Good Fine Ok, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Christine Ly | @holachristine

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