Getting Cozy With: Jordan Léser

Jordan Léser
Dear music lovers,

My name is Jordan Léser (pronounced ‘Lazer’) and I’m a singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. My great loves are music, writing and painting…so it’s a pleasure to be sharing a little piece of that with you.

I consciously fell in love with songs when I was 12 and have been trying to write ones I can call my own ever since. The process for me can be likened to fishing…casting the rod and waiting for melodies to nibble.

My songs are often born from some form of longing, big or small, and the writing process temporarily quenches that thirst. Musically, I’d like for them to come across as cinematic pop ballads with a dash of Irish lilt…

I’m writing this from New York…the final destination of my North American tour, a trip which took me to Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

Now that you’ve read the above, here are some links for your ears and eyes:

I hope you enjoy x


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