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Polar States
The city of Liverpool has always been known for its musical prowess and the new generation of musicians shaping the current thriving music scene are more than living up to their predecessors. There’s a whole host of new and exciting bands working their way through the ranks and Polar States are one of the most promising on that list. Following their recent performance at Liverpool Sound City, I caught up with Paul and Dan to find out more about hanging out with The Vaccines, being trapped in a lift, and what’s up next for the band.

AMBY: Polar States are….

PS: Paul (Vocals, Guitar), Josh (Guitar, Vocals), Phill (Bass), and Dan (Drums).

AMBY: What’s the inspiration behind the name?

PS: I tend to write songs when I’m incredibly high or low, emotionally speaking, so the name reflects that. It kind of evolved from a name we were about to settle on, but then typically at the last minute, you think of something better. We liked how P.S. means post script too, like an afterthought… is that ironic?

AMBY: For anyone who has not yet heard Polar States, how would you describe your sound?

PS: We just aim for huge songs with tons of atmosphere. Atmosphere either from a lyric or a sound. We’ve only been together since December so we’re still finding our feet sonically, but in essence we want to be a stadium band.

AMBY: When it comes to making music who or what influences you the most?

PS: It’s a hard question, because we all like such a variety of bands old and new. I think the common theme is bands who write songs you could sit down and play on an acoustic guitar, bands who deliver really simple songs packaged in an interesting way. Other than that, we probably influence each other the most, drawing on how things make us feel.

AMBY: The inspiration for your debut single Concrete is quite an interesting story. Tell us more about this.

PS: We’d had a party at my house last Christmas and I had some leftover beers so I decided to take them to this homeless guy who always sits outside the shops. I did this a few times leading up to New Year and eventually met his girl who he’d met on the streets. It felt powerful, it stuck with me. It’s about that, falling asleep on the concrete with your love.

AMBY: You recently sold out Liverpool Academy 2, it must have been pretty great to play such a big hometown show.

PS: It was overwhelming, daunting, fucking mental all at the same time. We just want to play and sing the best we can whenever we perform, but we’ve only done a few shows and we’re still finding our feet. To play a venue where we’ve all watched so many great bands was something else. We had an after show party in town and it was, well let’s say, mayhem.

AMBY: And you’ve just played Liverpool Sound City. How was that?

PS: We were setting up during changeover and all I was thinking was, please let the tent fill up. Don’t let us play to half a fucking tent. I looked up at Josh and he was just smiling, it was rammed. We kind of lost it at that point and just went nuts. Mind-blowing. Honoured to be part of that festival.

AMBY: Did you manage to catch any other bands during the festival?

PS: Yea, we got to hang out with a few cause we were side stage. The Vaccines, Peace, Circa Waves, Findlay, they took the roof off.

AMBY: What’s next for Polar States?

PS: We’re working with a couple of producers at the moment and writing a ton of new material. We’re gonna hit the studio to do some demoing over the next month or so and then if all goes to plan; we’re over in LA later this year. We’ve got a few supports and festivals dotted here and there too.

AMBY: And lastly tell us something about Polar States that nobody else knows?

PS: Josh and I got trapped for in a lift the first time we met. We had to climb out, Hollywood style, in-between floors. Obviously we kept our cool. Obviously…


Thank you Polar States, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Fi Carroll | @dirtyroknroller

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