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Two Cheers
My name is Bryan and our band is called Two Cheers.

I am sitting on a fold-out lawn chair in a completely empty room in Detroit. This is because the moving truck with all my stuff on it broke down somewhere back in California. I miss my amps and my recording gear, not to mention my bed and my lucky red chair. But this is Two Cheers’ new headquarters and I am ecstatic. The grass is green, the trees are lush, the air is rich, and the weather has been alternating between gorgeous, mild sunshine and cool, gentle rain. I especially like the rain.

Detroit happens to be right up against Canada; I think that makes us neighbors!

It’s been about a year since Two Cheers began in earnest, and what a year it has been! It started with our first album Two Cheers  being released around this time last year (check it out). That’s also when Mitchell Dill and I started playing together and coming up with the second record,  Splendor,  which was released July 21st. We started playing shows in October of 2014 with Al Aguilar on bass and Bryan Panzeri on drums, who both became good friends. It was going splendidly, but life has all kinds of twists and turns, and I decided to leave Los Angeles and move the band to my home state of Michigan. Counterintuitive, I know… But I have faith. Maybe you haven’t heard, but Detroit is on the up and up.

About our new album,  Splendor: We wrote it, produced it, recorded it, mixed it, and mastered it completely in our own in my apartment. We’re told it sounds reminiscent of Young The Giant, The 1975, The New Pornographers, and Augustines. I kind of wanted it to sound like Number Girl meets The Sugarcubes meets Van Morrison meets The Sundays… Go figure!

The songs are about falling away from everything you think you are and everything you think you know, and seeing the world – its love, its society, its tasks, its suffering, its chaos, its routines – with an unfiltered, cosmic point of view. I occasionally go out of my mind with profound awe and just watch things happening from some other dimension. It’s not a final destination for me, but I’m obsessed with finding a way back to it. So, I tried to make a record about the moments of my life and key experiences that first led me to that place, later kept me away from it, and sometimes lead me back again. I promise that there are love songs on the way.


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