You’ve GOT to Hear This: World Wild – “Coast to Coast”

World Wild
Have you ever listened to a track, dropped everything and then the next thing you know, you’re running late to meet someone or do something because you stopped to listen to the entire record? I can absolutely say that I have never, ever done that, ever.* I’ve always argued that art of any style should trigger some sort of outward reaction, or it isn’t worth going back to revisit. Thankfully, the debut record from Adelaide synth-pop artist World Wild hits all the right notes!

Originally the drummer for punk rock band Dangerous!, Jarrad Lee Jackson (aka World Wild) has completely reinvented his musical style – writing, singing, recording and producing everything for this project, backed with a live band. Throwing everything into unashamedly 80s influenced, synth-and-sun-heavy pop (picture a modern day reinvention of Duran Duran, Van Halen or Wham!), the entire record (Caribbean Gold) is incredibly catchy from the first chord to the last drum beat, and is perfect for lazy summer days that melt into summer nights, where the beers are cold and the party never stops.

Jackson makes reference to a poem about Barbados, from his father, that became the inspiration for the record. Visualising his father ‘living between the palm trees in paradise, flamingo reflections dancing inside the clear ocean streams’, every track from Caribbean Gold is evocative of wild beach parties and neon sunsets.

‘Coast to Coast’ is a prime example of this. Tropical drums that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Goldroom track, synths that could transport the listener to any nightclub in the 1980s and guitars reminiscent of the same era, Jackson has the ability to take elements from a number of different points in time and combine them in a way that sounds so familiar, yet so original at the same time. Did I mention that he sounds a lot like Jean-Philip Grobler from St. Lucia as well?

All performers dream of hitting the ground running and creating a foundation from which to build upon. When the debut record sounds as exciting as this, who knows what the future will bring?

* I can absolutely say that I am lying and do this all the time.

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Review by Ollie Salter | @ollie_salter_

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