Concert Review + Photos: The Modern Hearts @ Sneaky Dees – Toronto


The Modern Hearts took over Sneaky Dees kicking off the final month of summer with their upbeat sound. It’s tough to box these guys into any specific genre; they’re rock with little hints of pop, making them an easy listen for all ages. Their setlist was jam packed with new songs mixed with a few old favorites and their energy on stage was electric, getting the entire audience dancing and jumping along. “World’s on Fire” was my favourite track of the night, with “Want You So Bad” coming close in second. By the end of their set, the entire audience was chanting for one more song, and The Modern Hearts were happy to deliver. They squeezed in one last song before the next artist was coming on stage, closing the night with “Into the Wild”. Without a doubt, The Modern Hearts are certainly one of Toronto’s finest local bands, and certainly a band to watch out for!

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Review by Tiffany Lee (@t4nee) | Photos by Stephanie Wong ()

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