Five Favourite Fab Gigs: Alpha Rev

Alpha Rev
In our latest feature, alternative-rock group Alpha Rev — fronted by singer and songwriter Casey McPherson — discuss their highest, craziest, muddiest, most mountainous, and worst shows. Trust us, it’s a feature you don’t want to miss. After recently wrapping up their North American Tour, they have some great stories (old and new) for you all.


(Highest Show) April 12, 2013

So, we played a show last year that we were so incredibly high in. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever played that high before. 30,000 feet to be exact. Southwest Airlines and Live in the Vineyard had us do an acoustic performance through the intercom on a plane. It sounded awful but people loved it.

(Most Mountainous Show) Jun 22, 2010

We played a beautiful performance at a place called Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver Colorado. It’s like playing on the side of a gigantic mountain that was build for the performance of a greek god. Though we are not greek gods, we still enjoyed sharing their stage and playing to a great audience.

(Craziest Show) May 31, 2013

We play Laredo Texas every now and then. There’s a promoter there named George. Not only does he always gets the rowdy crew out, but he puts us up in these great hotels right across the river from all the gangs that behead people because they feel like it. We were walking out of the hotel headed for our show and see this guy halfway in our van trying to pull the stereo out. Tabber, the drummer, and I threw down our gear and continued a high-speed on foot chase in the dark through the empty streets of downtown Laredo. As we gained on him, he pulled out an object and began to point it towards us… we decided to turn around at that point, figured we didn’t need that stupid stereo anyway. We played our show, headed back to the hotel, and fell asleep thinking about what it would be like to grow massive amounts of mary jane with the governments approval, as the gun shots in the distance sang us into our slumber. Later we found that part the guy took for 2.50 on ebay.

(Worst show) July 22, 2015

On the first night of our acoustic tour, Tabber and I decided to change everything we ever learned and play an “acoustic dance” set with this weird electronic drum and my piano bass set up. Needless to say, a painful hour and a half went by pushing us into the fetal position crying for mommy to come rescue us from such a terrible catastrophe of a performance.

(Muddiest Show) March 18, 2015

We recently got back from a weekend in Tulum Mexico playing a festival for Michelle Clark, who runs Life Source Retreats and Sunset Sessions. Swimming all day, and play our shows at night. As part of tradition, we participated in a Mayan ceremony where we covered ourselves and each other with clay, layed down and baked in the sand, while a nice lady blew smoke on us, then ran out into the ocean to wash away our worry, fear, and whatever else we were holding in!


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