Getting Cozy With: The Autumn Stones

The Autumn Stones
Hello Dear AMBY readers,

Come closer, grab a blanky. I just put the kettle on and rolled a joint for us. Get comfy and cozy with your new favourite secularist dream pop band The Autumn Stones. This is Ciaran Megahey; the singer/guitarist from the band. For the uninitiated we started back in 2009 when my old band The Assistants broke up. I had a bunch of songs leftover from that group that I really wanted to record and so I recruited my old drummer and a new classmate to form a new band; That’s this one; The Autumn Stones. We’re named after a Small Faces’ song. We’ve gone through a lot of lineup changes since then. On the first album we had guest trumpet and trombone players but after that we decided to get a full time horn player. That’s where the distinguished Gary Butler comes into the picture. He’s our saxophonist and he joined the band in early 2012. Since then he and I have formed the nucleus of the group. We are currently joined by a very good friend and long time fan of the band Marcus Tamm on bass.

We play mainly to “get cozy” with you and our own selves. We love the buzz and the connection that you feel from listening to your favourite music and our primary goal is to provide that for you. Our latest record Escapists is our crowning achievement thus far. We’re really proud of it. Some have said that it reminds them of the 80s. I think what people are getting at aside from the fact that we obviously do like a lot of 80s bands (The Smiths / Jesus & Mary Chain / Echo & The Bunnymen) is the aesthetic of many of those bands. We place a lot of emphasis on melody and subtle dark humour whereas nowadays it’s all about the beats and the rappin’. Pesky kids. So, for those reasons it might seem like a throwback but our songs are about now and are played with instruments that still exist today. Sarcasm aside It doesn’t bother us when those comparisons come up. In fact it’s pretty flattering and it does give people a rough idea of what we sound like. That said you can check it out on all of the major digital retailers and streaming services and on the links provided to our BandCamp and SoundCloud pages.

Much love.

-The Autumn Stones


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