Exclusive Video Premiere: Colour the Atlas – “Lighter”

Colour the Atlas
Taken from their forthcoming Amethyst EP, we’re delighted to premiere the video for Lighter by alternative trip-hoppers Colour the Atlas. The film-clip is an aesthetically lovely black and white video which takes viewers to their recording nook for an up close and personal look at the band performing the song. When asked about the video, Colour the Atlas shared with AMBY;

“‘Lighter’ was our way of musically expressing our frustration at parts of the industry, and to all those people in life that tell you everything you want to hear, build you up, lead you on, only to tear it all up in front of you. We’d just gone through some hard times with a label, and some tough times for me [Jess Hall] personally. So it was kind of a release – ‘take the words out their mouths and burn them up with a lighter’.  The video kind of happened by accident, it wasn’t pre-thought out or anything. We were in the ladder factory recording parts for another track, and somehow after a lot of coffee ended up recording the video.”

Comprised of Jess Hall (vocals, keyboards), Alex Stone (guitar, vocals), Andy Vincent (bass), and Stef Pysanczyn (drums), this Swindon foursome display their striking songwriting skills with the track’s cinematic instrumental build-up and passionate vocal performance.

Amethyst is scheduled for release in the US this fall and includes production from Jake Gosling (who has worked with notable artists including Ed Sheeran and George Ezra). Watch Lighter exclusively on AMBY and follow updates from Colour the Atlas below.


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