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Stray Echo

My name is Daniel and I was born and raised in New York City but the truth is I’m a 1/4 Canadian. My grandfather is from Quebec. I used to be in a band called The Postelles and we would tour Canada often. I actually once got arrested at the Toronto border and was held for over four hours- no poutine offered by the officers. Still, we still managed to play a show that night in the city of Toronto, which has always been a great music town. Since the band disbanded I’ve been recording non-stop, thinking about what direction I wanted to go in music wise. After a few months of tossing and turning I stopped worrying about direction or genre and decided to record the music for the personal thrill. Out of this came Stray Echo. I recorded mostly from home, using the late nights to bang on pots and pans or track guitars and synth without having to worry about studio time or label budgets. Possibly the most enjoyable track to record was ‘Concrete Daydream.’ I layered vocal upon vocal upon vocal at the end of the song leading to a sort of drunken bar scene of hooting and hollering. Some songs take ages to write, sometimes months, but ‘Concrete Daydream’ came about in only a few minutes. It was just one of those songs that easily flowed which led to a more freeing recording process as I didn’t have to worry about writing the track while recording. That sound was polished by good friend and producer Rich Cooper in London, England who used the energy of the song to make it sound more fluid and precise. I’m really excited to get the song out and I’m even more excited to record and release more music soon. I’ve always been a big fan of A Music Blog, Yea? and getting support from blogs like this makes the late night recordings even more worth it. Thanks so much for checking out the music!

-Stray Echo


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