Getting Cozy With: Native Braves

Native Braves
Hey there, my name is Alex, the band’s name is Native Braves.

We’re all sat in a 21,000 square foot warehouse. We’ve set guitars, synths and the likes aside for now, and gathered around the boot (trunk, in Canada?) of a 2008 Renault Clio – Blue, complete with white racing stripes; a moment to catch our breath before its back to writing the next record and rehearsing the current one, Dissonance.

The warehouse is our practice space. It technically doesn’t belong to us, but we’re not squatters. It doesn’t matter how it became ours – all the matters is this is best natural reverb I’ve ever heard and that a big space demands a big sound, and who are we to disagree?

I’m very happy to present to you beautiful people, Pilot Light – the latest single from our debut EP Dissonance. The EP is the culmination of many months’ worth of late nights, bloody fingers and permanently-damaged hearing. All worth it of course.

Pilot Light, along with the rest of the Dissonance, is a track with a lot of different influences: Joel and Paul are post-punk boys at heart; Editors, Joy Division & Echo & the Bunnymen would be cited as their heroes for sure. Throw that in with Ben and James’ interest in the heavier side of modern rock and my long standing love affair with Morrissey, Smith and Curtis – and the sound you’re left with is Native Braves. We all add a little bit of what we love to the band, which to me is the most important thing about our creative process.

People say they can’t put their finger on exactly what we sound that, and I love that. To me, the best feeling in the world is when someone can’t place your work because they’re not sure what/who it sounds like, I get a real kick from that.

We started calling it Post-indie a while back. Now it’s important to note here that this started as a bit of a joke, but when people started using it seriously, our made up genre became a real thing. We were called “The poster boys of Post-indie” recently in a review, now whether that’s because it’s catching on, or whether it’s because we’re the only band to belong to our made up genre is splitting hairs really.

I hope you love the record as much as we loved making it.

We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you via Facebook, Twitter, and the others.

Peace, Braves.



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