Getting Cozy With: Jain

I was born in the south of France, in Toulouse, at the age of 9, me and my family moved to Dubai. I lived over there three years, that’s where I became interested by music. Drums and percussions were my first steps into Music… I had arabic percussions lessons in Dubai and it really woke up my curiosity. I loved all those ethnic sounds, and the idea that music can transport you in different places.

Then i moved to Congo, in a little town called “Pointe Noire”. Living in the Congo was the “little kick” that I needed after living three years in Dubai. It was a wake-up call I think. When you leave a place like Dubai for the Congo, it’s a shock to be confronted to the contrast in wealth and culture, and it’s hard, but I loved it. The people I met, the music I heard on the streets, everything was a source of creation and it made me feel free. I really found my music in Congo. That was the time and place where I learned my own values. One of my biggest sister was singing and playing guitar, i really felt the need to try too, as a shy person, I needed a way to express myself. I didn’t tell any of my friends that i was composing songs at the beginning but one day i decided to put three of my songs on myspace.I was working with a Congoleese beatmaker called Mr Flash, he had a very small studio and he’s the one who really introduce me into the beatmaking, by giving me softwares, so i could work on my music at home.

With myspace i met my current agent, he really believed in my music , even if I was very far from France, he introduced me to Maxime Nucci, my producer, whom i work with on this EP and this album. I wanted to make a very universal album– something in between styles,  mixing different influences from Western, African and Arabic sounds, and still keep it simple. That’s the real difficulty…

So, after my graduation in Abu dhabi, i moved back in France, in Paris, to make and art school. This was really the moment i realized i wanted to find a way to mix music and art.I stopped my studies so i could concentrate  and  think about what i really wanted to show to people with my music.I would like my music to be understood by anyone, anywhere. I hope everybody can make my songs their own.


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