The 10 Most Iconic Rock Star Costumes

Fashion and rock and roll have always gone hand in hand, but some rock stars have taken it to the next level with amazingly theatrical creations. Here are ten of the coolest, most notorious, and downright bizarre looks donned onstage by rock stars of the past and present.

  1. KISS

If you think of costumed performers, KISS is probably one of the first bands that springs to mind. Their initial costumes included a demon, spaceman, cat, and “star child,” eventually including a fox and Egyptian warrior. With face paint, masks, and costumes galore, KISS is always a good time.


  1. David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie is one of the most original voices in rock music, and his style matches his quirky vibe. Although he’s donned many legendary outfits over the years, his time as glam rock Ziggy Stardust is most memorable.

  1. Alice Cooper

Explore your Goth side by dressing as Alice Cooper, who has dressed up in straitjackets and painted his face in all manner of creepy styles. Mimic his look by browsing Funidelia for a spider costume and painting dark circles under your eyes.

Alice Cooper

  1. Angus Young’s schoolboy look

AC/DC member Angus Young is known not only for his ability to shred a guitar, but also for his trademark schoolboy costume, which includes a tie, hat, and shorts.

  1. Elton John

Elton John has been known to wear some pretty amazing eyewear, particularly during the 1970s. He’s worn all sorts of different costumes to bring his stage show to life, but perhaps the most ridiculous was when he dressed up in a duck suit.

  1. Keith Moon

Keith Moon was the drummer for The Who, well known for his hard-partying ways and nonstop energy. He also had a great sense of style that veered towards the outlandish at times, with massive fur coats, contrasting patterns, and unique suits. He helped pioneer the “rock star style” that many have tried to emulate over the years.

  1. The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles changed their style many times over the years as their music evolved, but one of the most memorable costumes was their turn as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, complete with brightly coloured military jackets.

The Beatles

  1. David Byrne’s oversized suits

If you take a look at the funny costumes on Funidelia, you may see humorously large outfits or mismatched clothing among the options. Talking Heads founder David Byrne wore these in his day to day life, with comically oversized suits a part of his stage show.

  1. Peter Gabriel

During his days in Genesis, Peter Gabriel dressed in some truly outlandish costumes, dressing up as a large flower in addition to a fox, bat, and other assorted animals.

  1. Florence Welch

It may be debatable whether Florence and the Machine plays “rock and roll,” but Florence’s style is notoriously avant-garde and often falls into the costume category. Her outfits on her Ceremonials tour were designed by Gucci, and she isn’t afraid to rock a superhero cape or witchy robes onstage depending on her mood.

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