[Exclusive] Summer Sessions: The Katherines dazzle in sultry spin on “Valerie”

The Katherines
Photo by Liz Rosa

AMBY is absolutely delighted to be hosting an exclusive five part series with The Katherines entitled Summer Sessions. Over the summertime, this Vancouver-based songstress trio (comprised of sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak, and Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher) recorded four covers and one original song in their own backyard — each flawless and showcasing their effortless harmonies. Today we’re sharing their take on The Zutons’ Valarie. As they take inspiration from Amy Winehouse and her cover, the band’s sultry harmonies and chilled rendition of this song is a must-see and hear. Watch the video on AMBY and learn what the ladies have to say about the cover below, and check back with us next Monday for another amazing rendition!


Kate: We have been singing this song since we first became a band so we all love it. Amy Winehouse was such an incredible talent and I think she’s inspired all of us in some way. My favourite part of this cover is the boys doing the doo-wop thing in the background. We sprung that on them super last minute and were just like, “you guys are going to sing now”. They killed it!

Lauren: Valerie is such a fun song to jam to because it is so up beat. The first version of ‘Valerie’ I heard was the cover by Amy Winehouse. The power and emotion in her voice elevates her music to a whole other level.

Kaitlyn: Amy Winehouse is such a legend, which definitely adds to how much I love this song. We’ve been singing it for years now and the way we do it just keeps evolving bit by bit. It’s almost feels comforting to sing it now because it’s so familiar.


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