Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Stegall

Stegall recently headlined Grand Bend’s Summer Sunset Sounds concert series, which took place on the Bend’s main beach. Stegall consists of siblings Clara, Liza and Sydney Stegall. Before they hit the stage we caught up with Stegall and discussed recording in Ireland, St.Vincent, Stegfest, upcoming music, and more.

AMBY: Hey Stegall, welcome to AMBY!

Stegall: Hey, thank you!

AMBY: So to start things off could you tell us your recording process of your EP Stegall, I know at times you were very far apart, so what challenges did you face with that situation?

Sydney: Yea, that feels like forever ago now, like two years ago?

Clara: Yea.

Sydney: Sometimes we were all living in different places so that definitely was a challenge, I think with those songs we all pretty much wrote individually. Now that we are closer we record together, but we would usually Skype and send the songs to each other.

AMBY: Awesome. So what are some things you all do to keep yourselves occupied from boredom while travelling?

Liza: Umm, well I have like a little keyboard where I can record while on the plane. I think we do take time to ourselves like we read and watch our little TV’s. Okay there is one thing we do, we play 10,000 and it’s a Stegall favourite.

AMBY: And speaking about favourite’s, what is your favourite track to play live?

Sydney: So on that EP I really like “Glow”. “Glow” is one of the ones on that is on the EP but we have actually reproduced it, we re-recorded it entirely and changed the arrangement a bit and it’s going to be rereleased with our new EP which hasn’t been released yet. We have released the single “Predator” for the new EP.

Liza: It has a high energy, kind of has a punk element to it.

AMBY: You have a very unique sound and I am curious to know who some of your influences are.

Stegall: We really like Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, we always name them because those are our parent’s favourite artists and we grew up listening to them. Some of our newer influences though in the alternative – pop world are St.Vincent, Robin, Haim, and Glass Animals.

AMBY: I like your St. Vincent choice.

Stegall: Yea, she’s awesome, we love St. Vincent.

AMBY: Have you seen her live?

Stegall: Yes, have you!?

AMBY: Yes, I caught her at WayHome!

Liza: Clara and I saw her back on her promotional tour release for her new record.

AMBY: She can rock out. So one thing I wanted to mention was Stegfest, I think our viewers would love to know what it is, what it’s about and if its something you would continue to do in the future?

Clara: Its totally something we want to continue doing, right now its more of a fundraiser for the band, like last year we did it to go on tour of Eastern Canada, this year we went to Ireland for a couple of weeks to record.

Liza: We usually showcase local bands but yea hopefully we will keep expanding and bring in some bigger names as well. We like that it’s in the community and local bands can play.

AMBY: That’s good though, it keeps the community nice and close.

Stegall: Yes for sure.

AMBY: Recently you mentioned you all travelled to Ireland to record abroad, can you tell us about your trip, the experience and how was it working with Drew Worden?

Liza: Haha good ol’ Drew. Well it was an awesome experience, we were in the very center, the geographic center of Ireland which is in the middle of nowhere, and you’re surrounded by like electric green Irish hills and we were staying in these stone wall castle like buildings, it was quite the experience. We were at that location for two weeks straight and we could not leave, I think we left once to go into town but we felt very isolated which was great for writing new songs but I think by the end we started to go a little mental.

Liza: Drew was awesome to work with, I met Drew in university so I have been playing music with him for a while and Sydney and Clara started playing with him about a year ago.

Clara: I remember we would be trying to write songs and he would come in and say alright, you have five minutes to write a verse and I’ll be back and sure enough five minutes later we had a verse.

Liza: He was good with time management.

AMBY: I know he likes to utilize space while recording.

Clara: Yea, he’s known for creating a cool sound.

AMBY: What is one thing you can tell us about Stegall that nobody knows?

Sydney: Clara was adopted [laughs].

Clara: Well you could say we are the worst navigators in the world.

Liza: [laughs] Oh yea, so we went on tour last summer and we brought our old white mini van her names Betsy.

Clara: It’s a soccer moms van.

Liza: We had an old, old GPS because none of us had smartphones because we were all kind of living in the states and we didn’t have data to use. Anyway this GPS was always like ten seconds behind so we would always miss our turns and we would be like wait, should we have turned? So yeah we got lost all the time. We called the GPS Martha Stewart.

AMBY: [laughs] So lastly, should we be on the lookout for your new album because I know you said it would be released this summer?

Stegall: Yes, so it will be closer to the fall, we are just doing some last minute tweaking.

AMBY: Awesome we look forward to hearing it! Thank you for taking the time to sit and chat with us!

Stegall: Thank you for having us!


Thank you Stegall, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Josh Bruder | @JoshBruder20

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