Review: Atlas Genius, Dreamers, and Mainland @ The Mod Club – Toronto

Nothing compliments gorgeous fall sunshine than indoor concerts. Am I right? If you disagree, then odds are you weren’t at The Mod Club to consume the new sonic waves of Atlas Genius.

Last time Atlas Genius was in town, they had sold out a 1500 capacity venue and the single If So was a staple of crossover radio. While a much smaller venue and no charting singles yet, the live sound was evidence of the substantive maturity the band experienced while making the follow up release Inanimate Objects, released less than a month ago. “We are going to play some songs from a record that was released seconds ago”, joked Keith Jeffery, as the band began Friendly Apes. The girth of the embedded layers in the newer songs reached every corner of the intimate venue. Older material like Back Seat or Centered on You seemed too simple in comparison to A Perfect End or Stockholm. To put it simply, the sound is fuller.

On the surface, it may seem that a lot has changed with Atlas Genius. New album, new sound, Keith’s hair. Yet, one thing still remains: the Adelaide-based duo deliver a live show that breathes new life into the work produced in the studio.


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Review by Nilabjo Banerjee (@Nilabjo)

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