Exclusive Video Premiere: Skittish – “Roots”


Comprised of Jeff Noller, Brianna Tagg, Jeremy Krueth, and Lazarus Ulysses Clearwater, Skittish are a psych folk-rock foursome based in Minnesota. Taken from their latest record release Two Legs Bad, we’re delighted to premiere the video for Roots.

As their rehearsal space is invaded by ninjas, the film-clip tells the fun tale of lead vocalist Brianna Tagg fighting off intruders and making it back just in time to sing the next verse. Along with displaying hints of comic book silliness, the video shows how Skittish kick ass, whether it’s in regards to their music or their crime-fighting abilities.

When asked about the video, Skittish’s Jeff Noller shared with AMBY;

“Every video i make is for less than 100 dollars (this one came out to be 80 bucks for the cost of the ninja costumes and a breakaway bottle). I also teach myself editing programs and just do all that on my own. So, true DIY stuff here.”

To celebrate the record’s release, Skittish are playing the Two Legs Bad CD release show this Friday the 2nd at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis. Want to know what happens when even more ninjas invade? Don’t be skittish — exclusively watch Roots on AMBY and follow updates from the band below. Two Legs Bad is now available for download via iTunes here.


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