8 reasons to get into The Strypes’ new album “Little Victories”

The Strypes
The Strypes are back and so am I (after 7 months, I’m back writing at AMBY). Their new sound reminds me a lot of the indie scene like Arctic Monkeys and The Fratellis. Alike those two bands, The Strypes are rocking it at the moment.

The four piece from Cavan, Ireland have won me over quickly. “You got me baby I’m sold” , this being a lyric from track 3 A Good Night’s Sleep And A Cab Fare Home, drew me straight in and the rest was history.


The Strypes — Little Victories

1. They’re sounding fresh and this record is packed with rock anthems.

2. We interviewed this band two years ago before they had released a record, so they’re near and dear to our hearts and we’ve loved them ever since.

3. There are a lot of love songs out there. They’re writing about girls from an 18 year old lads perspective and they’ve nailed it.

4. Noel Gallagher was impressed in 2013 when he saw them.

5. Favourite track, I don’t have one as they’re all good and sound like good ‘ Saturday Night’ getting ready, dancing-around-your-bedroom-naked songs.

6. The guitar solos.

7. One of my top tracks has to be Cruel Brunette – “Sad songs and waltzes and yesterday’s clothes are useless to me now”.

8. They still value the music they grew up on and seeing those nuances is great.


I can imagine the mosh pits and excitement that’s to come. The Strypes are back and are better than ever. This band are going everywhere and anywhere, and Little Victories will be making an appearance in my CD collection and on my phone for train journeys and days exploring. I can’t stop listening to the new album and hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did.

Review by Senna Hamilton | @_ssenna

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