You’ve GOT to See This: Flint Eastwood – “Find What You’re Looking For”

Flint Eastwood
Photo by Jax Anderson for Good Pals | @goodpals

SEPT 27, 2015 -It’s Sunday in Detroit, MI, and I’m in Church, but it’s not what you would expect on a Sunday afternoon.

I am in a church, bought, renovated and re-purposed into a collaborative hub for the local music community by a group of Detroit Musicians. The lead organizer, Garret Koehler is from Chicago but moved to Detroit years ago to make a bid to bring the X-Games to the city. He stayed to form Assemble Sound, an initiative Koehler says will serve as an “organizing body for local musicians” and help connect them to each other as well as to business opportunities.

Flint Eastwood
Photo by Jon Shoer | @jonnyshoer

Flint Eastwood, aka Jax Anderson, is an Artist that creates music in Detroit. Jax and all those in her musical tribe are excited. They are excited because the video for her first track in 4 years, ‘Find What You’re Looking For’, is coming out any day now. The infectious, haunting track was the first ever recorded in the Assemble Sound Church studio; the track was laid as soon as the electrical and plumbing was installed. The song features Valley Hush’s Alex Kaye on guitar and support from Detroit singer-songwriter RV Mendoza, and like a pack of race cars after the drop of the green flag, they came out with all cylinders firing.

This collaborative mindset is Assemble Sound’s ethos; like attracts like, support for support, recording time in exchange for contribution on each other’s album. All of this, taking place inside a church, a building where people have convened around shared beliefs historically, has significance not lost on anyone present.

The song itself is superb. Anderson’s chilling vocals cut right to the heart and are supported by an equally hard-hitting body of music. The name of the song, ‘Find What You’re Looking For’ was inspired by the death of Anderson’s mother, whose final words to her daughter were: “Don’t let this break you” – she did not.

Finally, if you were wondering if recording inside of an old church colossally elevates the sound quality of a piece of music – you’d be right.

Flint Eastwood’s EP ‘Small Victories’ is due out October 23rd. You can watch the video for ‘Find What You’re Looking For’ below. Click HERE to follow updates from Assemble Sound.


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Review by Heather Cook | @Outroupistache1

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