Review + Photos: CHVRCHES and Mansionair @ The Danforth Music Hall – Toronto

I thought nothing could make a bright and sunny day in downtown Toronto better until I walked into The Danforth Music Hall to see the Scottish group CHVRCHES. The atmosphere in the venue was absolutely incredible, people were lined up down the streets of Toronto to maybe get a good view of this magnificent trio.

The opening act Mansionair absolutely killed it with their unique sound and style. Not to mention they were hilarious, a huge bonus. They kicked off the concert with their track Mirror Me. The lead singer of the band had an amazing voice that echoed through the venue as fans sang along. They performed their newly released single Hold Me Down. My favourite song that they performed was Technicolor, their indie style and crazy range of vocals were showcases the most while performing this track. The drummer was beyond all of my expectations and was even drumming with his eyes closed at some point during their set. Mansionair started off the concert on a great note.

While waiting for CHVRCHES, you could feel the buzz from fans waiting for the electronic pop group to enter the stage. Lauren, Iain, and Martin finally took the stage at 9:06 in the evening. The crowd went wild as they played their single Never Ending Circles and let it flow into the song We Sink.

The first of the group to take center stage, Lauren Mayberry was likely one of the bubbliest people you will ever see in your life. She danced around the stage and was so charming as she interacted with the crowd with such a comfortable energy.

The group floated through the setlist playing Keep You On My Side, Lies, Make Them Gold and Empty Threat. The group constantly thanked the fans for their support and the fans always sung and danced along to their tunes.

Some of my favourite parts of the show were when Lauren talked about how she was afraid of falling off the stage. It was a small action however it made the performance much more intimate. The song Recover was the best performance of the night as CHVRCHES prepared for their last song, Leave a Trace.

Even after the group sang to our heart’s content the fans could not have enough. The crowd chanted “Encore!” echoes filling the venue. CHVRCHES returned to the stage with their charm and played Afterglow and The Mother We Share.

CHVRCHES put on a show that was enjoyable for everyone who came to see them. I absolutely loved the trio and the personality they brought to the stage, I was even considering coming back the next day for their second show (and possibly following them to their next stop). They created an aura that was very comfortable and quirky and wowed the crowd (even my mother), with their unique stylings. I would highly recommend CHVRCHES to everyone as they embark on their Every Open Eye tour, who knows – I might even be there too.




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Photos by Kayla Baker () | Review by Jiya Mehta (@maydayjiya)

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