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Scouting for Girls
Shortly before rocking (and rolling) the Livestock Festival stage to within an inch of it’s life, Roy, Pete, and Greg from Scouting for Girls sat down with AMBY (in their ‘all time favourite green room’) to discuss their new album, Elton John’s mother’s birthday parties, and Bugs Bunny.

AMBY: Hey guys, thanks so much for talking to us – you’ve just come from CarFest with Elton John! What was it like playing a smaller, more family oriented fes-

SFG (Pete): It wasn’t really Elton John – did he fool you?

AMBY: Yes! Oh dear.

SFG (Pete): That’s impressive, he’s doing the right then then, isn’t he.

SFG (Greg): It’s Ultimate John!

SFG (Roy): He was on before us, at some point in the day – it’s in the paper today – Elton John’s mum, actually hires him to play and they’re good friends now.

SFG (Greg): He had a spout with his mum and she hired him to play his birthday party, but no, it’s not really Elton John.

SFG (Roy): But he looks good, doesn’t he?

SFG (Greg): Yea but they wouldn’t have put on Elton John, in the middle of this day… in a tent.

AMBY and Scouting for Girls: [laughs]

SFG (Greg): He’d have probably been on the main stage.

SFG (Roy): But to answer your original question, I think it works because it’s just nice, it’s family, it’s fun, and it’s just a bit of a party.

SFG (Greg): But it’s so much more than that, with the festival itself (CarFest), there’s so much stuff; there’s obviously all the car stuff, but there’s so much other stuff to do and wonder around, so it’s not just like a music festival where you’ve just got the music and beer.

SFG (Pete): It’s just a very very good festival, all for a very very good cause, as well.

SFG (Roy): But then like, I really love the smaller festivals as well because like, you get a much more of a… sanitized? Version of the festival vibe where there’s not so many people. We’ve done quite a few smaller festivals and it’s just like, really homely and unique and has a sense of family, which is really what festivals used to be all about, you know?

AMBY: You mentioned just a second before we started recording that you previewed your brand new single not that long ago, and this is your first interview since then! Up until yesterday, it had actually been a fair while since your last release, what has that ‘break’ meant for the way you guys went through the creative process for the new music – and how does the single reflect the album?

SFG (Roy): In short, if you like the single, you’ll like the album, it’s pretty much what the album is.

SFG (Greg): But what if they don’t like the single? If you don’t like the single, you’ll still like the album! – Something for everyone!

AMBY and Scouting for Girls: [laughs]

SFG (Roy): It just really echoes the first album, really, but it’s a slightly more truer sound, we got lots of strings on there, we’re got some acoustic guitar, but then the songs are kind of ‘fun’ and ‘upbeat’ and happy.

SFG (Greg): It’s very Scouting for Girls.

SFG (Roy): Yes, it just took some time, it’s been three years since our last album, we did a greatest hits in-between there, and we had to get a record deal, as we didn’t actually have a deal to make the album.

SFG (Pete): For a while, we didn’t really know what we were doing.

SFG (Greg): We were an unsigned band again, yay! It was horrible.

SFG (Roy): It was just like, we didn’t have a deal ‘cause we didn’t have a record to put out, so for that year, we just wrote, and we got offered a gig in Dubai and we went to do that, and it was the best, we had out flights there, paid, and four nights at the Atlantis, which was amazing, it was just like a holiday (vacation) and then we just literally played everywhere after that, we fell in love with playing again, and our record just popped up, it just took a while, and there wasn’t any rush so we just really took our time about it.

AMBY: Just prior to the third albums release, you mentioned that the future of the band depends on how well the third album did commercially – you’ve announced a fourth album so it clearly wasn’t a catastrophic failure – would you consider it a success?

SFG (Pete): Yes!

AMBY and Scouting for Girls: [laughs]

SFG (Roy): Really, the third album did as well a the first two, but it was plagued with all sorts of problems, like the people who ran our record label left to go and run a different record label, then we didn’t have anyone running out label for a bit, then the people who came in didn’t like the song we’d done for it, so we had to go to LA and go out there, and come back, and everything just took longer than it should have, I think we had like 5 different producers and went in 10 different studios, and there was just a mish-mash of sings and it was- I still really like it – there were some great song on there, but we did just come off the rails a bit for it, and with this record, because we then didn’t have a deal, we just wrote the record that we wanted to make, said ‘thee are the singles’ and then we went to the record label and aid ‘this iis the record, do you wanna put it out?’ and we went with Warner’s, ‘cause of Bugs Bunny.

AMBY: You mentioned that the album felt like a ‘mish-mash’ because you had a whole bunch of producers, what would it have been like if you’d released the album without a label at all like The Hoosiers are about to do? Is that a viable option?

SFG (Roy): I think it’s always a viable option – the thing is, I prefer to have a label in place because their much better at ‘exploiting’ the music and making sure that people get to here it.

SFG (Pete): Warner, particularly, have lots of things behind them that we don’t have ourselves.

SFG (Roy): Yea with Warner’s we had a meeting the other day with like 4 people who were just the ‘team’ – in charge of trying to get the music out there and stuff, which we’d never have if it was just the band doing it by ourselves, and I think we got to a point – most bands would get to a point – where, in terms of A&R you kinda know what’s good, but in terms of running a record label, we could send the new stuff to our fans, fine, but then it’d be harder to reach people who aren’t already into the band.

SFG (Greg): You’ve got way more of a network around you.

SFG (ALL): Yea.

SFG (Roy): But we ran out own record label for like, three years before we got signed and we built it up, when we actually got to the point where we were making enough money to even possibly think about giving up our jobs, that was when we got a record deal

AMBY: During the lifespans of albums 2 & 3, you ran these like, video diary-type releases on YouTube-

SFG (Roy): Ahh, yes! SFG TV!

AMBY: Will SFG TV make a return for ‘Still Thinking About You’?

SFG (Roy): We’ve done three series, the first was about 8 episodes, the second was like, 2, and the third was like, 4, I don’t know if it will come back for the new album.

SFG (Greg): Maybe we’ll do what they did with TFI’s and wait on it for ten years.

SFG (Roy): I think we’ll do one. we’ll do a live one, and I think we’ll do a recorded one, at some point.

AMBY: Thanks so much for talking to us – go tear down that stage!

SFG: We will! Thanks!


Thank you Scouting for Girls, for giving us your answers!

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