Getting Cozy With: Social Skills

Social Skills
We’re Social Skills – a band of three bearded brothers who make up the three sides of the Social Skills triangle. With a shared look but not a shared mother or father, we actually met through a love of old synths and 70s and 80s music through friends in other bands in North London, England.

Based in our rooftop studio on the outskirts of town, we’re making as much music as we can before the landlord kicks us out to turn it in to Luxury Apartments (like the city needs more of those!!) We’ve just finished a big bunch of songs and we’re releasing some of them as an EP called Socialize! It’s a taster of our maximalist synth rock sound.

Moshik plays drums and records the band. Chopper plays keyboards which feature big in our live show in a kind of 80s wig out guitar kind of way.  Scuta (that’s me in the 3rd person) plays guitar and sings along with the others who back him up on BVs.

We’re looking forward to doing some shows outside London in the near future. If anyone wants us to play for them let us know.


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