American Express Canada and Live Nation Canada sign multi-year deal offering Canadian Cardmembers access to more tickets + exclusive goodies!

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Article by Alicia Atout

For 26 years, American Express Canada has been a key player in bringing access to some of the hottest events across the country. Partnering with over 20 entertainment organizations, their latest renewed partnership has recently been announced and we can’t wait to share what they have in-store for their Canadian Cardmembers.

American Express Canada and Live Nation Canada have officially signed a new multi-year deal offering their Cardmembers access to even more tickets through the Front Of The Line program.

Now, what are the benefits to becoming a Canadian Cardmember? The Front Of The Line program in itself is a reason. FOTL is part of Amex’s overarching access program, American Express Invites, which builds on American Express’ longstanding reputation of providing Cardmembers great access. Through these exclusive Invites, Cardmembers can experience music, dining, culture, film, sport, and fashion through a series of fun events and offers.

The best part? Let me fill you in. When Cardmembers go to purchase tickets to certain events, their Card allows them to grab tickets days before the tickets go on sale to the general public. This is where music lovers can rejoice. Have you ever gazed at your computer screen waiting to buy tickets, all while clicking the “refresh” button hoping to secure your spot against hundreds (if not thousands) of others? As part of the Live Nation partnership American Express will provide even more advanced ticket access to will, along with great, quality seats through a reserved allotment of tickets,, making the purchasing process a whole lot easier.

The other great thing about Amex’s Front Of The Line program is how it’s significantly grown over the years – their offers only get better and are available to all Amex Cardmembers. With hundreds of events and hundreds of thousands of tickets forecasted for this year, 2015 is their biggest year ever as they’ve already seen a 132% increase in events they provide advance access to (between 2012 and 2014).

With unparalleled access to live entertainment through its Front Of The Line program, American Express provides Cardmembers with more of what they want – entertainment. Amex will also continue to be the lead sponsor at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, offering early entrance to the venue, the exclusive lounge, and on-site promotional activations.

Seeing how AMBY loves to deliver exclusive content to our readers, we highly respect the fact that American Express Canada and Live Nation Canada’s focus is to bring more entertainment access to their Canadian Cardmembers. And, as someone who attends over four concerts per week, I can’t wait to sign up for my membership.

This post was sponsored by Amex Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blow, however, are purely my own.

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